The Patriot Connectors have announced their continuing programs informing the local citizenry on vital issues locally, state wide and nationally. On Thursday, July 11th there will be another important subject presented on the dangers of the "Common Core Curriculum that is being forced through the public schools.

The meeting will be in the Wallenpaupack High School Library from 7 to 9 p.m. The school is located just off US Route 6 east of Hawley.

The following comments on the issue were supplied by Patriot Connectors:

Americans should ask, "Who has reviewed the materials mandating their use in our schools? Should Pennsylvanians not ask why this damaging instructional material is approved at all levels of education? For the sake of American children and the future of American should not Common Core be disbanded?"

A 4th grade history recourse will teach: "settlers came to this country to start a Communist-style economic system but failed because people were too selfish; that white farmers bought black slaves because white people were too lazy to do the hard work of farming; that people from different countries were recruited (there was no official government then) based on their talents, like the Italians who were recruited to come here because they were good with working with silk. Reading literature will be replaced with reading government forms.

Solving mathematic problems is done with ‘group think’ techniques. The unintended consequences shows a young girl using Common Core techniques and failing in eight minutes to get the correct answer to a subtraction problem, but then doing the same problem the ‘old fashioned way’ and getting the correct answer in less than a minute.

This program is the "dumbing down of America children" by the government’s indoctrination of the country’s youth.

On May 19th Governor Corbett announced the delay of the national education standards known as Common Core.. This followed on the heels of a Senate hearing and the introduction of Senate Bill 943 which would block Common Core. This bill is just 4 votes short of success. Senator Lisa Baker from the local area has come out against Common Core. A companion House bill is expected to be announced shortly. The Governor is seen to be in favor of this fateful program. It needs to be asked, "Should Pennsylvanians take a stand against this nationalization of the Pennsylvania Educational System?"

A licensed arms expert will address the group on usage of hand guns, tips on buying, and help on signing up for licensed instructions.