By Cheryl Mitchell

News Eagle Correspondent

GREENE TWP. - The PA Auditor General's audit revealed that Promised Land Volunteer Fire Department has not followed one of the auditor's five recommendations, Solicitor Jeffrey Treat told the Greene Township Supervisors during the July regular meeting.

"There is an undocumented expenditure under the current audit for the Fireman's Relief Fund," Treat explained. "We had talked about this before. The fire company must make an effort to implement a procedure to document expenditures in writing."

The Volunteer Firefighters Relief fund comes from a 2% state tax on fire insurance purchased by PA residents from insurance companies incorporated outside of the commonwealth. These funds are used to pay for insurance to protect volunteer firefighters, purchase fire equipment and to cover volunteer training expenses. The funds are audited annually to make sure they are spent according to state law.

Promised Land Fire Company did not give the township supervisors a list of events in which they were participating such as fundraising, parades, etc. (although the Ladies' Auxillary did), supervisor Gary Carlton noted. "Therefore they cannot be covered under the township Workmans Compensation Insurance carrier during their possible attendance at those events."

False Alarm Ordinance

"Dreher Township has passed an ordinance addressing repetitive false emergency alarms," Roger Altemeier reported. "False alarms from a major offender has decreased since that ordinance was adopted."

"Greene-Dreher Volunteer Fire Department is asking that Greene Township adopt the same ordinance so that enforcement would be the same throughout the response area," Altemeier noted.

"Fines would increase with each false alarm," Treat explained.

The supervisors authorized Treat to draft a repetitive false alarm ordinance.

Natural gas fuel

"The County is pushing to put in natural gas stations in Hawley, Milford and Dingmans Ferry. Switching to natural gas fuel for township equipment is not feasible for us due to the cost to change to natural gas and the length of drive to a natural gas supply," Simon noted.

"The township road crew is now working three days per week," Chairman Ed Simon reported. "Most of the road grading is done with few small roads left to do."

"Dirt and Gravel Road grants have been received in the total of $45,000 for projects on Old Greentown Road, Beaver Dam Road, Creabspreader and purchase tire chains in preparation for winter road maintenance. The Road Task Force had appropriated $450,000 for the repavement of Route 507 but have now reappropriated the money for work on I-84," Simon continued.

PennDOT has supposedly completed their work, drainage and patching, on Brink Hill Road.

Other business

• "The Siegfrieds still have not completed the cul-de-sacs according to their subdivision plan. We had allowed them until Spring to complete the work," Simon stated.

The supervisors agreed to authorize Treat to write her a letter giving her 30 days to complete the cul-de-sacs on Siegfried Drive and Stonewall Terrace.

• "There may be a total of 80 acres in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates that have been taken off tax roles. The secretary, Judy Kleeman, discovered that many lots owned by Wallenpaupack Lake Estates were not taxed," Carlton reported.

The supervisors agreed to research to be sure that the lots are indeed not taxable.

• "Pocono Township has received a gaming grant to fund bridge work," supervisor MaryAnn Hubbard announced. She indicated that she would research making application for a gaming grant for bridge work on the Mozzette Road bridge and for a grant to fund the subdivision ordinance update.

• The supervisors all agreed to grant a $1 per hour raise to the township secretary and a $2 per hour raise to the township treasurer.

• "The 2012 township audit is complete," Treat announced.

The supervisors will discuss the audit after it is received from the auditor at the next meeting.

The supervisors agreed to open the 2011 audit to look for some of the same concerns uncovered in the 2012 audit. According to the supervisors, those specific concerns were not discussed nor will be until the audit is received from the auditor.

Greene Township Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the municipal building at 198 Brink Hill Road, Greentown. The office may be contacted at (570)676-9325.