A resident of Lackawaxen Township, Marge Wassmer informed the board about pieces of tree trunks that were cut down by a company hired by PPL, and have been lying on the side of Route 590 for over a month. She asked if either of the supervisors ride on the “roads around here?”

Lackawaxen Township Supervisors, Brian Stuart and Bob Cocchi casually walked into the July 15th meeting, 10 minutes late Monday evening, without an explanation and started the monthly meeting where they reported a few updates and some new information.
Absent from the meeting was Supervisor Richard Krochta. But the remaining supervisors carried on the meeting, approving the township's bills of $138,552.86. Insurance premiums, Stuart said, cost $65,000 of the township's bills.
A resident of the township, Marge Wassmer informed the board about pieces of tree trunks that were cut down by a company hired by PPL, and have been lying on the side of Route 590 for over a month. She asked if either of the supervisors ride on the "roads around here?"
Not responding to Wassmer, the board started talking to each other, to where Wassmer said, "Hello, you're the supervisors." Everyone responded with a laugh, but Wassmer didn't appear amused as she kept a stern face. As the supervisors and attorney, she said, "I would think someone would know what to do." To which Stuart replied, that property owners have the right to tell the companies to leave the trees. The wood, Wassmer said, are right off of the road, near the Cuckoo's Nest restaurant.
She asked how the board would respond if she left the wood there, to which someone replied that, they wouldn't do anything. Wassmer cited the time the board has spent on Mancino's attempt to get the horse crossing, but it's okay that they have logs rolling across the road. A board member said as a state road, PPL hired a company. Wassmer responded, "but it's up to you supervisors, who needs supervisors, we'll just have commissioners and let them rule the whole town and that'd really be great."
To address the issue, Stuart said a letter would be sent to PPL to find out what the story is with the wood. In response, Wassmer said that the wood lying on the side of the road for over a month is a, "disgrace," as people ride through the area on vacation, and the wood doesn't look good for the township.
She asked if the board would want the wood in front of their homes, to which Stuart replied that he wouldn't be affected because his house is 100 feet from the road. Wassmer said "regardless, this is a safety issue." Waldron said he was surprised that PennDOT has allowed the wood to remain on the side of the road because they are responsible for safety. Wassmer added that, "this should not be allowed, you're the supervisors, you're in charge." Stuart simply responded that, "we're on it; we'll take care of it."
--- Vanderbeek Farm
At the June meeting, area businessman Michael Mancino's attempt to get a highway crossing on Route 590 for his stable riding business, Vanderbeek Farm, faced quite a bit of an enquiry from the board. At the July meeting though, township Solicitor Tony Waldron said he thought some form of an agreement between the developer and PennDOT will be required for the proposed horse crossing to work.
He said an agreement with Mancino has been laid out, but he felt there is still a need to double check parking because of the increase in the number of horses. The board, he suggested, should "pass this along," while he worked on a cover letter about what is still needed.
--- Also discussed:
• A list of supervisor citizens at large were appointed, including some on the fire commission for a two year term. The citizens who were appointed are: Fred Gelderman, John Kerkowski, Salvatore Tascone, Michael Mancino, Sheldon Langer and Alfred Petrillo.
• Shifting through papers and referencing his computer, Waldron briefly reported on the few changes that were part of Ordinance 96, including 911 signage. He added that, "I'm comfortable with what we have here." And so, the supervisors approved Ordinance 96.
• As for Ordinance 97, regarding zoning changes and setback changes for stables, Waldron said the zoning map was modified and all property owners needed to be notified and provided with a map because it would be the best way to inform them of the changes. He also reported on some brief criteria for small engine repairs because of the permitted use.
• Resolution 2013-02 to get a grant worth $201,830 for construction of the township's trail system at the township complex was approved.
• The Blue Ridge Cable agreement, Waldron said, that it's better in a few ways, but there were a few elements the board should decide on. He discussed the period of time for which the agreement should be considered, every five or 10 years or somewhere in between. But Stuart noted that with changes that the board sees, it should be addressed occasionally. Waldron added that building and system specifications need to be kept, "state of the art."
• In regards to resolution 2013-03, Waldron said he had reviewed the personnel policy, which he thought to be, "pretty good."
• Stuart said that there are a few announcements regarding the park, but he did not tell what they were. Instead, the township secretary, Shawn Roe said they will eventually be on the township's website, which is http://www.lackawaxen.org/. Roe said she does not know when though.
The next Lackawaxen Township meeting will be August 19th at 6:30 p.m.