This weekend the borough will be bustling with people taking part in Waystock, listening to bands and checking out the vendors.

-This weekend the borough will be bustling with people taking part in Waystock, listening to bands and checking out the vendors.

The sixth annual Waystock will begin on Friday at 6 p.m. in Wayside Park, when several bands will take the stage and provide the community with some entertainment. Waystock will continue on Saturday at 11 a.m.

There are 13 bands scheduled to perform between Friday and Saturday. There will be food and craft vendors and even a kid zone.

Waystock is sponsored by Waymart Areas in the Park, a non-profit organization "dedicated to the enhancement of the Waymart area."

Below is some information about a few of the bands that will be performing.


In Apil of 2011 a small dedicated group of musicians from the Pennsyltucky mountains decided to form a new string band. Each bringing their own unique sound to create a new style of American Roots Music.

Flutter incorporates the musical stylings of old traditions and modern day folk rock. Together Jody Oaks and C.f. Jones swap many different bluegrass instruments to create a sound all can appreciate and love.

Playing original ballads, traditional tunes, and well known favorites, the soulful sounds of this band sure to be pleasing to any set of ears.


The band, that is from Scranton, is made up of Robbie Rosencrans, vocalist; Donny Engle, guitar; Paul Davies, drums; John Roman, lead guitar; and Sid Johns, bass guitar.

In April 2009, Robbie, Paul and Donny rented space to build a studio to write and record songs that have all the stuff that they love, that dirty rock sound, pure raw rock and roll, just guitars, drums and great vocals, that dirty scratch and pull sound.

When Paul had John Roman come and jam to, the band knew he had the scratch and pull sound to fit Donny's dirty guitar. But lastly, they needed that solid big fat bass sound, like a beat seeking missile to lock on with Paul's thunder driving drums.

This man was Sid. He sat behind the skins in cover bands, so he knows what it is like to find that bass player. Skin-n-Bones now has that sound of dirty scratch and pull rock and roll band.

There is nothing better than playing the stuff you like to hear. It's like making your favorite dish you get to eat.

Skin-n-Bones is hard at work writing and recording songs on the nights they are not playing the clubs.

Skin-n-Bones' EP is available now, with a full length CD to be done by the end of the year.

Burden on Society

What began as a chance meeting at Player Row Music in Hawley has turned into a musical partnership. When they're not working as a studio recording team, Ryan McDonald and Glen Scandur perform live as Burden On Society.

Between the two of them, they cover 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, bass, mandolin, slide guitar and harmonica, performing music from the 1950's through the 2010's.

Styles cover blues, rock, reggae and a few originals. Although primarily a duo, recently they've added a a bass player and a drummer for some performances.

The Forgiven Band

The Forgiven Band performs contemporary Christian rock music and classic rock.

In addition to covering tunes by The Newsboys, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Israel Houghton and others, the band is gaining recognition for their unique renditions of classic spirituals like "Wade in the Water" and hymns such as "Amazing Grace."

The band is made up of Charlie Bacinelli, Andrea Picozzo, Jay Sochoka, Tim Depew and Scott Morcom.

The Forgiven Band is currently performing several original songs, including "The Bible Boogie" and "What Am I Without You." Several more are currently in production and the band is working on their debut CD to be released this fall.

The Forgiven Band specializes in playing benefits for not-for-profit Christian organizations, youth concerts and other worthy causes.

Performing is truly a labor of love for members of The Forgiven Band. At present, the band does not charge a fee for performing at church services, although "love offerings" to offset costs are greatly appreciated.

For benefits, the band reserves the right to ask for 10 percent of the proceeds to cover expenses. If you would like more information about the possibility of The Forgiven Band performing at your church or function, please e-mail

Be sure to include your name, phone number, church/organization name, location and the purpose of your event (fund raiser, benefit concert, etc.) If you want secular music for private parties etc., check with us for a quote.

Due to the time and cost restraints The Forgiven Band is only able to consider performances within a reasonable driving distance from our home base. The ability to perform is subject to their availability on the requested date.

The schedule for the bands is as follows:

Friday, July 26

6-7:15 Red-E-or-Not

7:30-8:45 Six Guns Loaded

9-10:15 Skin & Bones

Saturday, July 27

11-11:45 Flutter

12-12:45 Friend of the Gypsy

1-1:45 Crimson Tears

2-2:45 Chasin' the Dog

3-3:45 The New Kings w/ Peter Florance

4-4:45 The Pharm

5-5:45 Mr. Echoe Band

6-6:45 Plan B

7-7:45 Burdon on Society

8-8:45 Pissed Mizerable

9-9:45 The Forgiven Band