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By Mazzenga Daniels
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By Mazzenga Daniels
July 25, 2013 6:17 a.m.

While we realize you can find everything on the internet, in books, or in magazines, its also good to seek help when you need to. To stay healthy we get regular check-ups at the doctor and dentist. So why is it so hard to ask for help at the gym? It's as though it's another universe! Everyone is uncomfortable when setting foot in a new place, especially a health center. The only thing to remember is that its better to look like a fool than to hurt yourself. You can always prove that you're not a fool, but the road to recovery from injury is a long one. This is why personal trainers are so important and useful. Some reasons why include:

  • They make sure you are doing it correctly. The job of a trainer is to help you get fitter/healthier. So we want you to be doing exercises correctly so you don't hurt yourself. If you end up injured, you end up going backwards which negates all the hard work both the trainer and client put in. They push you only as hard as they need to challenge you, we won't push you so hard that you hurt yourself.

  • They give you new ideas and exercises that you might not have thought of. Trainers are full of exercises. They can give you exercises to work muscles you haven't even heard of!

  • Trainers provide excellent support. Not just physical as in spotting you, but also as in emotional and mental. They help you break through any barriers that may be stopping you from reaching your health goals. They encourage you to challenge yourself so you can grow and become stronger.

  • Not all trainers are the same. Some are harsher and some are sweetly motivating. This way you can pick which one works the best for you. If hardcore is your style, then maybe you want a harder trainer. If you're just starting out, you may want to stick with a bubblier option.

    Personal trainers are here to help you. They want you to succeed as much as you do, and sometimes even more than that. Trainers love to see a client break through a plateau they've been having trouble with for a while. So do yourself a favor and ask for help today! For more information, contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083, or at ymcawayne.com.

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