Northeast Innovation Alliance, recently designated as a Community Education Council, is a nonprofit organization of business, education, government, economic development, employment services, and community entities in the Wayne and Pike county region.

"Receiving support from PPL assists Northeast Innovation Alliance with our initiatives which include facilitation of the Pike/Wayne Business Education Partnership, organizing training for businesses and individuals, supporting lifelong learning through higher education, and developing a workforce prepared to meet the needs of a growing, twenty-first century economy" stated Executive Director Lyndsay Birmelin.

Regarded as a Regional Workforce Expert in Northeast Pennsylvania, Northeast Innovation Alliance through strategic, collaborative, and innovative action continues to maximize resources, enhance communication, and promote a comprehensive workforce delivery system.

"PPL is pleased to partner with the Northeast Innovation Alliance," said PPL Regional Affairs Director, Paul Canevari. "Their most recent achievement, attainment of Community Education Council designation, has made a significant impact on workforce development and training in the region."

Visit or call (570)253-5334 to donate to a future of well-trained employees, expanding career and technical education, and a bridge between education and business.