By Katie Collins News Eagle reporter

BARRYVILLE, NY - During Kittatinny Canoes' 24th annual Delaware River cleanup, volunteers Bob and Cathy Jackson found more than just garbage. Like something out of a story, the couple found a message in a wine bottle.

The label on the bottle was only dated 2007, but to add a twist to the tale, the note was on a small piece of a paper bag and it was written in Russian.

The Jacksons decided they had to learn what the note said, and by chance, they found a bank teller who was able to translate the note.

Parts of the note weren't legible because it was wet. A message between two people, person one wrote, “I want to marry." Signed "Katuxe" which translates to Katherine in English.

The other person wrote, “May this idea and energy become true, ________will be closer and_______, I want to be the happiest person ever.” Unsigned.

Aside from the Jackson's find, other unique items found included a bag of snakes and a freezer full of spoiled meat.

The Jacksons are from Heights Town, New Jersey and have been camping at Kittatinny since 1974. Bob has been helping with the cleanup for 12 years; this was Cathy's second time.