The Lauersen's Ladybugs and Prellco Pin-Ups battled its out on the Bingham Park diamond.

The Wayne County Women's Softball League has finally closed out a rain-drenched regular season.

And, the Lauersen's ladies decided to go out with a bang as they tangled with Prellco in the final game of the regular season.

On the Attack

The Ladybugs got things going early on as they faced Janet Deluca pitching for the Pin-ups.

Hits from Jax Ellefsen, Tiffany Hoffman, Annie Vega, and Caitlin Donohue put runners on the bags in the first inning and Hoffman and Vega crossed the plate to establish and early lead.

Hoffman got the start for Lauersens and gave up hits to Laura Wilcox, Amanda Rusticus and Karen Flystra.

However, her defense kept runners from reaching home and the inning ended 2-0, Ladybugs.

Steph Orr added another Lauersens run in the top of the second while Hoffman tallied her first strikeout of the evening.

Prellco conjured up some defense in the top of the third allowing only singles from Vega and Jacqui Alma while not letting a runner slip past second base.

They got their bats going in the bottom half with a leadoff double by Staci Lynam. Deluca came in to run for Lyman.

A walk to Wilcox sent Deluca to second, but she was forced out at third on a fielder's choice by Flystra.

Then, with two outs, Mary Urmanic swung for a single and drove in two runs making it a 3-2 game.

Hoffman turned up the heat once more with her second K to end the inning.

Big Bats

April VanOrden led off the fourth inning with a hit for the Ladybugs and was followed with another hit from Orr.

Heather Kelly was safe at first on a fielder's choice that took out VanOrden.

Jo Walsh then smacked one into right field and got caught in a pickle and was tagged out while trying to go to second.

In the meantime, Orr and Kelly sneaked across the plate to give the Ladybugs a 5-2 lead.

With two out, Ellefsen singled and then was driven home on a Hoffman triple, who in turn was sent across the plate by a single from Vega making it 7-2.

Alma walked and a double thanks to Donohue cleared the runners and put Lauersens up 9-2.

Amber Anderson closed out the order with a single and once more VanOrden came to the plate, singled, and drov in Donohue.

Orr singled again and sent Anderson home before a force at second finally ended the Ladybugs' assault making it 11-2 halfway through the fourth inning.

On in Relief

Ellefsen came in to relieve Hoffman in the bottom of the fourth and the Ladybugs held Prellco to just a single each from Tracy Ledward and Lynam.

The Pin-Ups sent Amanda Rusticas to the mound in the top of the fifth. After walking Missy Smythe, Hoffman belted a 1-out triple to drive her in.

Another walk, this time to Vega, put runners at first and third for Alma who put a grounder past second to score Hoffman and Vega making it 14-2.

Ellefsen allowed just a single from Randi Leslie in the bottom of the fifth as Lauersens held on to a commanding lead.

The Ladybugs would extend that lead in the sixth as Ellefsen smacked out a 1-out home run to drive in Barb Wallace.

Hoffman followed with another triple and came home thanks to a deep hit by Vega that stayed in play while she rounded all the bags as well.

The Pin-ups got things together and shut down the Ladybugs to end the side with Lauersens ahead 19-2.

And So it Ends

One last chance for the Pin-ups: Vega now pitching for Lauersens wasted no time and struck out the leadoff batter.

Ledward singled and was followed by two walks. She scored on a fielder's choice making it 19-3, but the final out came soon thereafter and Lauersens took the game in six innings.