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School Days Are Here Again
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By Mazzenga Daniels
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By Mazzenga Daniels
Aug. 11, 2013 11:53 a.m.

Sorry kids but like it or not we are just about 3-4 weeks away to school starting again. The buff bloggers are here this week to help you and your parents gear up for another successful school year. Being prepared for the new school year will help you be less stressed and lower the risk of injury and illness.

The most important thing to remember while preparing for the new school year is making sure everyone is well rested. It is suggested by familyfitness.com that you spend one to two weeks adjusting to bedtimes so the kids use to going to bed and waking up on a school schedule. It is also important that parents take this one to two week period to also get themselves back in the school schedule, because lets face it as parents we are often up earlier when the kids are in school then when they are off on summer break.

Checking your child’s supplies is another important thing to do before school starts. We are not talking only about backpacks, pencils and pens. We are talking about water bottles, hand sanitizer and tissues. As with adults, it is important that your child stay hydrated throughout the day. If your child’s water bottle has seen better days do not be afraid to replace it. Another important thing to check is your child’s gym shoes. Your child’s shoes should fit comfortably; check them about two-three weeks prior to school starting so you are not running around like a mad person trying to find the shoes your child wants. Finally, if your child is in sports check their gear to make sure it is still up to date, there are no cracks, tears, or missing pieces. If you find a problem contact the school (if it is a school issued piece of equipment) or contact the store where it was purchased maybe it is still under warrantee.

Packing bags prior to an even can save you time and lower your stress trying to find out child’s shoes or other items. Pack a bag for each sport. If your child is in soccer, baseball and tennis, pack a bag for each so everything is together and you and your child do not have to search through a bag filled with baseball and tennis stuff looking for their shin guards for soccer. Do not forget to pack a spectator bag. This can include anything from a blanket to post game snacks.

Plan a few weeks worth of healthy lunches/dinners. If you decide to send your child to school with a packed lunch it is ok to plan them out prior to. This can help ease that morning of stress of trying to decide what to make your child for lunch. Planning out dinners can help eliminate some of that end of the day empty fridge stress that normally occurs when your child comes home and is starving.

Lastly Lucy and I want to leave you with a little song that everyone should remember. I remember hearing my mom sing this song the first time I was getting on the bus to go to school… School days, school days, Dear old Golden Rule days, 'Reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic.

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