The following personnel matters were approved at the August 19th meeting of the Wallenpaupack Area School District Board, just prior to the start of the 2013-2014 School Year. Classes resume Tuesday September 3.

The following personnel matters were approved at the August 19th meeting of the Wallenpaupack Area School District Board, just prior to the start of the 2013-2014 School Year. Classes resume Tuesday September 3.
Ms. Jamie Bartholomew was introduced as the new High School chemistry teacher. The Dingmans Ferry resident has a Master's degree and has a previous career in Environmental Education.
The School District has rarely been hiring new teachers in recent years, due both to the budget cuts and decreased enrollment. Most positions have not been filled once an employee resigns or retires.
In addition, Ms. Hayley Petsche of Hawley was appointed as a new High School Teacher Assistant.

-- Resignations

The following resignations were accepted, each one with regret:
• Anthony Donnini, Dean of Students, effective August 14.
• Scott Gee, High School English Teacher, effective August 13.
• Carol Potechko, High School Teacher Assistant, effective August 27 for retirement.
• Linda Monaghan, Assistant Girls' Soccer Coach, effective immediately.
• Mary Kipp, North Primary School First Grade Teacher, effective at the completion of the second marking period for the 2013-2014 school year, for retirement.

-- Tenure

Tenure was approved for the following teachers: Steven Brown, Michael J. Guy, Ann Marie Ingulli, James McGinnis, Melissa Monte, Andrew Morissey, Lisa Peet, Kristen Schmidt and Michael Tillger.

-- Substitutes

The following substitute appointments were made.
• Douglas Beckworth, Secondary School Counselor 7-12
• Elizabeth Behrens, Elementary Social Studies 7-12
• Jessica Hubal, Math 7-12
• Jill Hudecek, English 7-12
• Danielle LoDolce, Elementary Special Education
• Karllina Schmidt, Elementary School Counselor, Secretary, Teacher Assistant
• Catherine Vargo, Art K-12, Elementary Reading Specialist
• Robin Burke, Secretary, Cafeteria, Teacher Assistant
• Sheryl Stauffer, Secretary, Teacher Assistant
• Ryan Hiller, Citizenship 7-12

-- New drivers

Kenneth Kellar and Stacy Kielbasa were approved as bus drivers, and Farrah Black as a van driver.

-- Co-curricular appointments

The following co-curricular appointments were approved at the High School:
• Michael Walutes, Half-time Track & Field Coach
• David Heckman, Girls' Assistant Soccer Coach
• Amber Supko, Girls' Assistant Soccer Coach
• Joseph Andersen, Boys' Basketball Assistant Coach
• Justin Kraft, Half-time Football Coach
• Amanda Porter, Class of 2016 Advisor

-- Guest teacher

Christine DeMarinis of Hawley was approved as a guest nurse.

-- Mentors

Jen Peifer, Phil Babyak, Fred Garm and Kristen Nebzydoski were accepted as mentors.

-- Long term substitutes

The following long-term substitutes were approved:
• Megan Arvonio, for Lisa Fives, High School biology teacher for the first semester.
• Amy Baker, for part time Middle School health and physical education teacher, for the school year.
• Marcel James, for High School English, for the school year.
• Michelle Manzione, for Angela Ey, North Primary special education teacher, effective Dec. 3, 2013 for the remainder of the school year.
• Victoria Waldron, for Kathleen Nied, Middle School mathematics teacher for the first semester.
• Samantha Wahburn, for Kerry Glynn, High School English teacher for the school year.

-- Leave of absence

• Kerry Glynn, High School English teacher, was approved for Family and Medical Leave effective Aug. 28 for 12 weeks, followed by uncompensated leave for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year.
• Brenda Biss, North Primary School cafeteria employee, was granted uncompensated leave for the 2013-2014 school year.

-- Police

The new School Resource Officer program includes the following officers: John Clader, Director; Bradley Beach; Aaron Bertholf and Eric Halas.
Certified school police, who handle traffic or crosswalk duties, include: Belinda Kromko, Robert Rozema, James Knapp, Ron Stapleford, Paul Potechko, Walter Desher, Nan Falkowski, Cathy Campfield, Debbie Clemo, Donna Sein, John Stanton, Phil Horan, Richard Smith, Shari Gigantino, Edward Dylewski, Donald Wood, Wilson Krellwitz, Janet Ciszak, Marie Barattucci, Patricia Kellogg, Susan Frank, Barbara Otting, Wendy Mattern.