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  • Beach season winding down

  • A good summer of swimming and enjoying Lake Wallenpaupack's only public beach was reported by the manager and swim instructor, at the Palmyra Township (Pike) Supervisors' meeting August 20.
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  • A good summer of swimming and enjoying Lake Wallenpaupack's only public beach was reported by the manager and swim instructor, at the Palmyra Township (Pike) Supervisors' meeting August 20.
    The public beach, behind the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center, remains open into Labor Day Weekend. General admission is $5.00, and for children under 12, $2.00. Seniors as well as infants are allowed on free of charge.
    Katherine Stuccio served as Beach Manager and Sarah Radzieski was the Swimming Instructor.
    Radzieski said that they had a successful season-end swim across the lake- a total of 1-1/2 miles - for the level 5 and level 6 swimming students as well as "swim lesson alumni." Safety was paramount, and they swam close to the dike. Lifeguards swam along in the water and were accompanying them in a boat and kayak.
    Afterwards they enjoyed a beach barbecue and games such as "musical kick-boards."
    Also discussed were recommendations for lifeguard scheduling next year.
    Radzieski said they would like to offer a couple activities for adults next year, including a lap swimming class and an adult aerobic class.
    "Lessons are important," Radzieski said. "They made our childhood and make these kids' childhoods." She said it has been "awesome" to watch as the children develop in the ability to swim.
    Stuccio told the Supervisors that they check for beach wristbands. On a busy day they might pick up "another $100" from beachcombers who were found that hadn't paid the admission. On busy days some people will try and slip past. A new sign has helped.
    Some clarification may be needed for people walking the Wallenpaupack Lake Trail which goes right by the beach. Roland Edwards, Code Enforcement Officer, remarked that people accessing the trail there may be confused by the sign posting beach fees and think they need to pay to use the trail. It's free.
    Edwards also reported that the beach was closed the past weekend because he had not received the message that the beach could be opened back up after water testing proved satisfactory.
    Palmyra is required to contract with a firm to test the water by the beach each week, for various pollutants such as fecal matter left by geese. Although the beach staff shoo the geese away, on Thursday August 15 the lab result came back with high readings. The lab notifies the Township and the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
    Edwards then posted a sign saying the beach was closed. DEP also contacted the Township. The next day, DEP called back and left a message saying that further tests showed levels had gone back down and the beach could be reopened. Unfortunately the message was not received and the beach was not reopened until Monday the 19th.
    A new load of sand was put down in time for Wally Lake Fest. A tent was also going up so people may sit in the shade and listen to the "Battle of the Bands" music from the floating stage planned for the festival.
    Page 2 of 2 - There was also discussion about whether to bring the swimming dock in early. Edwards said that the biggest complaint they get this time of year is the depth of the cove water, as PPL draws down the lake. The depth in the cove was down to a foot and a half, he said. The second section of the dock was only two inches from the bottom.
    Removing the dock would mean having to restring the line that designates the swim area.
    Brian Mathews, Maintenance Foreman offered to ask the Wilsonville Campground owner if the dock could be moved before Labor Day. The owner, William Hopkins, assists the Township with work at the beach. Campers make use of the beach, right next door.
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