How truly sad this is in so many ways!

To the Editor:
[Concerning the challenge to Wallenpaupack Area School District's practice of allowing public prayers at graduation ceremonies.]
How truly sad this is in so many ways!
An accusation from an individual that an infringement of their rights occurred yet the solution to this complaint is to infringe the rights of others. Doesnt make sense.
Why is the belief in "no gods or a specific god" more important or valuable than my belief in my God? Why is it that my expression of belief in my God, Jesus Christ has to be quieted, not spoken of, not shared or discussed publically, etc. yet your belief of no gods or many gods is center stage, main topic, pushed, demanded, etc.? All in the name of tolerance or equality yet who is not being tolerant of who? Who is having equality taken away from them?
If you claim your rights are being infringed upon, are you infringing on the rights of others? If you claim that people need to be tolerant of your beliefs, views, religion, are you being tolerant of others?
Beth French