A party considering the purchase of the Paupack School will need to submit a bid, said Township Solicitor R. Anthony Waldron II.

The former schoolhouse on Route 507 was turned over to the Township by Wallenpaupack Area School District, but the School Board will need to approve the sale, Waldron also stated, at the Supervisors ' meeting August 20.

The potential buyer was not identified.

Because the Township has invested significantly into the maintenance of the building and still has a mortgage on it, he advised putting a minimum bid limit on it of $250,000. Costs incurred have included a new roof, the parking lot and septic system. The Township Code requires that any sale of property valued at over $2,000 must be bid.

The Supervisors agreed to advertise bids and open them at the September 2nd meeting.

Currently, Paupack Boy Scout Troop #129 makes use of the building.

The elementary school was opened in 1925 and closed down in 1988. In 2001, the Township bought the property from Wallenpaupack at a cost of $100,000. Payments terms are $5,000 a year without interest.

The school came with a stipulation that it would be used for a not-for-profit organization or government function. There have been several interested parties through the years, including a group that wanted to lease it as a community center. There was discussion by the Pike County Public Library at one point to open a library branch at Paupack. The County looked at it for a magisterial district court.

Other topics

• A reimbursement charge of $1100 plus $50 for a controlled fire that went out of control may be able to be reduced. A resident on Shiny Mountain Road was visited by several fire departments over the summer to extinguish a brush fire. Tafton Fire & Rescue and each responding mutual aid company is due $100 each, collected through the Township. There were 11 companies dispatched, but Chairman Tom Simons noted only six arrived on scene; several were sent back because the fire was out of control.

• Signs will be installed on Kimbles Road before Labor Day posting the weight limit at 10 tons. This is to protect the road from heavy vehicles used by a PPL contractor working on the Susquehanna- Roseland power line project. PPL will be notified.

Items concerning the public beach were reported separately.

The Palmyra Township (Pike) Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., at the offices off Gumbletown Road.