When the kids grow weary of the same-old, same-old, try these expert suggestions for jazzing up the lunchbox.

Q: What are some ideas for healthy but appetizing school lunches? A: Next time you head to the supermarket, start by asking your child what he wants for lunch, and compromise a smidgen as long as the majority of it is healthy. If he needs some ideas, try these: Mexican Monday: Baked whole-grain tortilla chips, fresh salsa, reduced-fat cheddar cheese wedges, an orange and low-fat milk. Thanksgiving Tuesday: Leftover roasted turkey breast (make one for Sunday dinner) with cranberry sauce, light mayonnaise and lettuce on a whole-wheat roll; dried cranberries and low-fat milk. Roll-Up Wednesday: Roast beef, light cheddar cheese, light mayonnaise, and lettuce in a whole-wheat wrap; carrots with light Italian dressing; grapes and low-fat milk. B.O.B. (Big†on Bagels)†Thursday: Whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese; mozzarella sticks; red peppers with light ranch dressing; apple and†low-fat milk. óJoan Salge Blake, Sharecare.com expert,†Registered Dietitian and author, Nutrition & You Go back to All the Answers, August 2013 CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ALL THE ANSWERS ARCHIVES Brought to you by: Spry