Before you and your child head to the hospital, make sure you have all the comforts of home with this handy hospital stay checklist.

Q: What should I bring for my child’s hospital stay? A: Here’s my checklist: A list of medications, vitamins and supplements your child takes to share with the pediatric nurse in charge. Slippers (to keep germs off her feet) and pajamas. Toiletries—even if the hospital provides them, it may feel “homier” if you bring your own. Loose T-shirt and pants to wear home. A favorite stuffed animal or toy; games A notebook for you to keep information about tests, procedures, medications or post-stay instructions. Overnight supplies for you: a pillow, toiletries and cell phone charger. Books and portable DVD player. iPod with your child’s favorite tunes. Photos of family, friends, pets. When your child comes home, clean any items she touched in the hospital with rubbing alcohol to help prevent infection. —Dr. Michael Roizen, expert, internist and Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic; Co-founder, Go back to All the Answers, August 2013 CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ALL THE ANSWERS ARCHIVES Brought to you by: Spry