A few Palmyra Township (Wayne) residents from Slifko Road attended the township's September meeting, where they asked township supervisors not to rename the road.

A few Palmyra Township (Wayne) residents from Slifko Road attended the township's September meeting, where they asked township supervisors not to rename the road.
Their concern arose when members of the Gruber and Slifko families were arguing about renaming the roadway. At the August township meeting, solicitor Jeff Treat explained that two families were seeking a declaration that they owned the roadway. But, Treat said they didn't, although they do have an easement of implication. All of the property owners on that roadway have it, he said. Treat explained that a judge said the ownership is irrelevant because of the number of people who use the road. For about 13 years, the road has been known as Slifko Road. But, he said, Fran Gruber wants it named Sunday Drive, which she claims it was once called. On an original subdivision map, however, the road was called Summit Drive.
Judith Slifko spoke for the group, where she said renaming the road would be a "grave inconvenience." The supervisors told her that there is no apparent reasoning for the road's name to be changed. Treat said that road names may be changed when it causes confusion, is hazardous or may be dangerous. One example is if an ambulance went to the wrong road again. Supervisor Pete Steffen spoke for the board and said there are no plans of renaming Slifko Road because there is no reason to do so. After Slifko exclaimed her relief, a woman added, "you put our concerns at rest."
** Other matters:
• Officer Ernest Hilling reported that August was a slow month for the department. He said there was one disorderly conduct and a retail theft, along with nine traffic citations, two traffic warnings and two arrests.
• Steffen said that a planning commission met last month to review a subdivision land for the Hess property on Beach Nut Drive, which was a, "fairly simple subdivision." He explained that seven acres will be removed from a total of 170 acres which included a house and facilities associated with the house. The board recommended approval.
• As for the sewer line extension on Route 6 by 590, Steffen said the township is, "at the mercy of PennDOT right now." At this time, he said, everything has been submitted, but the wait is on to see what representatives from PennDOT say. Steffen added that, there is still a glimmer of hope that something can be done this year as people are anxious to get the project underway.
• Township Secretary and Treasurer, Lois Powderly reported that as of the end of August in the general checking, there is $138,734.91. In the state road account, she said there is, $48,723.20. There is $22,273.44 in building code account for a total of $209,731.55. With CDs, Powderly said its $261,742.73, with the total income for August was $13,882.98. Salaries, she said, were $6,077.23 and the state road account earned $.68 with interest and permits for the month of August for the building code account totaled $892. For bills, she said to be paid is $2,334,03 out of the general account. And before the meeting, $5,490.18 was paid. Lastly, she said, to be paid out of the state road account is $2,306.48.
• When people call Joann Kmetz who is the township's tax collector for information, she has to do some research and before the September meeting there was a $5.00 look up fee for tax verifications. Other township, Kmetz said charge $10. She asked the board if the fee in the township could be $10. She explained the reasoning for the increase was that because of the research and time that is required. The board agreed to the increase to $10 a parcel request.
• The township received $320 from the recycling container, to which the board voted to donate the money to the Hawley United Methodist Church's food pantry.
Palmyra Township's next scheduled meeting is set for October 7 at 7 p.m. at the Township offices on Oak Street, Marble Hill.