You might say an idea which began earlier this year has been right on target.

— You might say an idea which began earlier this year has been right on target.

"We've had to go from one session to three sessions," said Dan Droppa, owner of Aldenville Archery.

He was speaking of the 4-H Archery program which the club founded earlier this year.

Aldenville Archery opened last year and features a large indoor course, including many 3D pop-up animals, video archery and much more.

But Droppa and his wife, Jill, thought one way to get more people involved with the sport would be to team up with Wayne County 4-H and form a new archery club.

They had a booth at the county fair to sign up youth and conducted an open house earlier this year to showcase what they had to offer. The two also became certified through the 4-H program to teach archery.

And it has worked.

"We have so many kids," said Droppa.

The club now boasts a membership of 50 youth and the sessions had to be expanded to accommodate all of the interest.

Droppa loves the fact they have had to expand the program. He says it shows there is a big interest in archery in Wayne County.

Another big boost came to the club when Winchester Archery — one of the premiere manufacturers of bows in the country — donated two bows to the club.

On Wednesday of this week, club members gathered in Aldenville for a hot dog feed and the big giveaway of the two bows. Each 4-H member in the club put their name in a bucket and the winners were drawn.

"It's huge," said Droppa of the donation of the bows from Winchester.

The female winner was Bridget Oppelt and the male winner was Peyton Warner.

Droppa said the club continues to gain strength and they are planning many events in the future.

Those include an ice cream social, Duck Dynasty Day, a pumpkin shoot, a zombie night, a Hunger Games event and much more.

Anyone interested in the club or in Aldenville Archery can contact them at 570-785-3141 and they also have a Facebook page.