A 10th grade student at Delaware Valley High School, Kelsey Polanis has been named a, "Girl of Merit," because of her continuous dedication to helping others.
Polanis was recognized as a Girl of Merit at a luncheon in New Jersey, because she works to help others and she doesn't focus on the negatives in life.
An award that aims at reminding girls that how they feel about themselves and how they treat others are what's most important.
A national contest, Polanis was one of 10 young women that met criteria that demonstrated they were committed to excellence in everyone's lives and are role models for others.
Nominated by two coaches from DVE-TV at the elementary school, Sharron Siegel and Teri Banach, Polanis said they were, "crazy." Very thankful for the recognition, Polanis said it was nice because with all that she is involved in, she appreciated it. She added that, "they made me feel special."
Siegel said she decided to nominate Polanis because even though she is evolved in many things, she still spends a great deal of her time working with the DVE-TV kids. Acknowledging Polanis's surprise, Siegel said it was great because Polanis doesn't like notoriety.
The luncheon, Polanis said was fun and she was surprised to learn that there are quite a few other young women who do similar volunteer work that she does.
The first plus size model, Emme Aronson, spoke to the winners about self image. Polanis said she learned from Aronson that she should always be herself.
Through the years, Polanis has volunteered, helping with an anti-bullying program called, "Kid Connection," which she actually helped create in the fifth grade. Additionally, Polanis works regularly with students involved in DVE-TV in the elementary school. When members of DVE-TV produced an anti-bullying play last year, Polanis said she helped out and she continues to work with kids because she enjoys it. Participating in anti-bullying programs are important, she explained, because bullying is bad and everyone should be treated with respect. With four nieces and nephews, she added that working with little kids is great and that is why she works with the DVE-TV team.
Part of the Girls of Merit recognition is focusing on the positives of people and life. Polanis said people often focus too much on the negatives and if people were positive they could accomplish their goals. She added that, "Its basically all in your mindset, you can do anything you want to."
Polanis's mom Donna, said the entire award and event was, "awesome." She explained that the concept behind Girls of Merit is important because it shows others that there is a lot of good happening in the world that others just may not realize. As a mother of a Girl of Merit, Donna said she is very proud of her daughter because everything Polanis does, she chooses to do. She added that, people should help others because, "if everyone would give just a little bit, it would be a much better place."
Motivated by her parents, Polanis said she chooses to be kind just like her parents because she enjoys helping make others feel good. She added that people should give to the community because, "its the best thing to possibly do."