By Kelly Waters

TWI Reporter

TEXAS TWP. - Rumors have been circulating as to what will be coming into the old Arby's building in the Route 6 Plaza near Honesdale.

The biggest ones were that it would be a Burger King or a Taco Bell. At first confirmed by Texas Township secretary/treasurer John Haggarty, then by the supervisors during the Oct. 7th meeting, the rumors are true.

Taco Bell will be coming.

The permits are all approved and renovations have started on the 1,973 square foot building. It will have 56 fixed seats inside and will also welcome nine employees.

The owner of the Honesdale location of Taco Bell is Virginia Donuts V, LLC from Kitty Hawk, N.C..

Many locations at Taco Bell also have another entity, such as KFC, but Haggarty said the plans don't indicate anything other than Taco Bell for this location.

An expected opening date hasn't been determined yet.