Exercise is one of the best ways to overcome cancer and stay healthy afterward.

As we are all well aware by the pinkness of literally everything around us, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For the entire month of October we see enough pink to last us a lifetime…or at least until the next year anyway. Breast cancer is a serious disease that affects both men and women believe it or not. One of the best ways to beat it and to prevent it is to stay active.

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, exercising is a great way to overcome the obstacles associated with it. By exercising, you are fighting the fatigue that comes with the treatment. Exercising builds up endurance while working your heart and lungs, making them more efficient. You are also improving the blood flow to your legs so as to ward off the formation of blood clots. Keeping fit will also help you be more mobile. If surgery is required as a result of your diagnosis, scar tissue will leave the affected area tight. By exercising, you can keep yourself more mobile so when you recover you are able to move freely. Exercising also keeps your muscles and bones strong to keep up with daily life and prevent against osteoporosis, another serious disease. Regular exercise contributes to keeping your sleep schedule on track. You’ll find that your sleep is of better quality and that you are able to fall asleep faster, which further assists in fighting fatigue. A well-known fact about exercise is that it makes us feel good. After just 30 minutes of working out endorphins are released that make us feel our very best. This DEFINITELY helps when dealing with cancer. It helps you see you are unstoppable. That even cancer can’t bring you down. In addition, exercise is a great way to relieve and deal with stress. By exercising you are also lowering your chances of relapse. With less stress, more endurance, feeling better and being stronger comes a longer life.

For more information, you can visit http://www.breastcancer.org/tips/exercise which has great tools to help you on your journey to become cancer free and healthy.