To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some facts concerning funds allocated by the Pike County Commissioners for library services.

I am aware that the Pike County Commissioners have given $200,000 a year for the past 10 years (which adds up to two million dollars) to the Pike County Library. This $200,000 was acquired from tax collections from all the townships of Pike County. Percentages of taxes collected relate that 12% come from Blooming Grove Township, 14% came from Lackawaxen Township, 12% came from Palmyra, 7% from Greene Township, and 2% from Porter Township.

My concern is that this money is appropriated to the Pike County Library without consideration of the services to the people of the above named townships. It is a fact that the Hawley Public Library issued library cards to 804 residents of Blooming Grove, 995 residents of Greene Township, 1,165 residents of Lackawaxen Township and 1,032 residents of Palmyra.

Overall the Hawley Public Library has 3,996 borrowers from Pike County and 3,523 from Wayne County which represents 57% from Pike County and 46% from Wayne County. The Newfoundland Library currently serves approximately 228 from Greene Township which represents 65% from Pike County and 25% from Wayne County. Since library services are provided to Pike County residents at the Hawley Public Library and the Newfoundland Library, it seems that this tax should be distributed to the library that offers the service to those taxpayers. It is not my intention to take money from the Pike County Library but to distribute the tax monies collected from Pike County residents to the library that provides the library services to the taxpayers.

It seems that the residents of the townships mentioned overwhelmingly receive their library service from the Hawley Public Library and/or the Newfoundland Library; therefore that is where I believe the tax monies should be transferred. It is my hope through open discussion the Pike County Commissioners will see fit to provide funding to the library facilities that provide the services that the Pike County [residents] choose to patronize.


Edward L. Eggenberger, Greeley, Pa.