HAWLEY - AMSKier Insurance has announced the winners for Hometown Creative HeARTS – a contest for Hawley, Honesdale and surrounding area youths to express creatively what they love most about their hometown. Over eighty entries were received.

"The amount of entries for our first year was exciting but the quality of the entries is what made this contest so amazing! It was very difficult for the judges to choose." said Jill Carletti Managing Director of Harmony presents.

All submission will be on display at the Pocono Mountains Visitor Center on Lake Wallenpaupack October 18th through October 27th, 2013. The winners are:

••• 6-8 year old: Writing – 1st / Nicholas Mozga 2nd / Shane Fountain

Photography – no submissions

Art – 1st / Kaylin Chapman 2nd / Elijah Gillette 3rd / David Grimm

••• 9-11 year old: Writing – 1st / Jared Bates

Photography – 1st / Patty Fountain "Self-Portrait" 2nd / Patrick Salvatorelli "The Road"

Art – 1st / Eva Cooley 2nd / Kate Wilson 3rd / Julia Apicelli

••• 12-15 year old: Writing -- 1st / Brea Rutledge 2nd / Emily Bates 3rd / Zach Kiesendahl

Photography -- 1st / Mika Brauser "As Beauty Flows"

2nd / Juliet Falcone "Hawley Album" 3rd / Mikayla Schaefer "Home Toad"

Art -- Tie for 1st / Maria Dury "Sunset" and Shea Stanton "Black Bear"

2nd / BJ Halloway "Johnny Depp" 3rd / Rylee Arenson "Galaxy Gazelle"

AMSkier expressed congratulations to the winners and a "Hometown Hats Off" to all who entered and a special thanks to area teachers - Wallenpaupack - Alison Francesco; Wayne Highlands - Kathryn Biesel and Kathleen Higgins; Canaan Christian Academy - Jill Droppa and Jessica Brown; and Michelle Chierichella. Also, a special thank you to our judges: Jerry DeCrotie, Juan Espino, Jeanne Arnold and Jeff Firmstone.

The first place winning writing entry for ages 12-15 from Brea Rutledge, entitled "Memories" follows:


my breathing slows,

and I am taken back to the memories

of what I call home


waving mountains,

seas of yellow and red,

shifting ever so slightly


branched canopy the road,

gripping the last day of their foliage,

until all strength is lost


the rocking chair,

sitting patiently for attention,

sways to the harmony of gusts


birds overhead,

squawking unhappily from the chill,

hoping to escape


my breaths return to normal,

and what I call home,

is all but a blissful memory