Two zoning conditional use permit requests will be heard by Palmyra Township (Pike) on Tuesday, November 5th, one for a tattoo parlor on Route 6 and the other for a hair salon on Route 507.

Two zoning conditional use permit requests will be heard by Palmyra Township (Pike) on Tuesday, November 5th, one for a tattoo parlor on Route 6 and the other for a hair salon on Route 507.
The hearing for the tattoo parlor comes first, at 6:30 p.m. Jenna Stephens has applied for a conditional use to operate Big Bad Wolf Tattoo Studio at 2555 Route 6. This is located across the Wallepaupack Area High School, near Atlantic Avenue.
At 7 p.m., there will be a hearing for Edward and Dawna Cykosky, whose tenant Alysa Valenti wants to operate a a hair salon business at 1274 Route 507, Greentown. This is just north of Wallenpaupack Cottage Lane.
The public may present testimony at conditional use hearings. The Supervisors can vote to approve the application with conditions on the operation, if deemed appropriate.

••• Vacation rentals

• At the Oct. 15th Supervisors' meeting, another complaint was heard about what was described as excessive use of a vacation home rental. Ed Kidell notified the Township about the rental property located in the Tragus development.
Their deed restrictions, he said, do not allow a camp, motel or hotel, or other business. The house in question is 1,800 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. During Columbus Day Weekend there were three large vans there with as many as 30 people. Fireworks are shot off all hours of the morning. At other times, 10 to 15 people may be there.
Solicitor Anthony Waldron informed him that the Township cannot regulate deed restrictions, and rental of a home is not classified as a "business." Ordinances also do not cover fireworks.
Kidell was told that if there was concern of a sewage violation or a burning violation, the Township could address that. Waldron said that Palmyra is considering an ordinance for vacation home rentals, and invited him to bring his concerns when there is a hearing concerning it. Concerns may also be submitted in writing in advance of the hearing.
• Christopher Kimler was present with his sons, Wesley and Edwin. Wesley is a Webelo Scout and was attending the local government meeting as a requirement for his Citizenship Badge. Chairman Tom Simons welcomed the boys.
• The Supervisors reviewed input from Tafton Fire Company about a brush fire this past summer, and decided to stay with the original fine of $1,200 to the property owner whose fire went out of control. This cost represents $100 for each of 11 fire companies that were dispatched and $100 for legal expenses. The property owner had asked for a reduction. The controlled burn on Shiny Mountain Road as left unattended, and the blaze spread to about one acre.

••• Hiking trail

• Downtown Hawley Partnership has been seeking to establish a hiking trail from Hawley to link with the existing Wallenpaupack Creek Trail maintained by PPL at the flow line. Waldron stated that there has been discussion with PPL about actual acquisition of the "Gorge Trail" section, which follows an old logging path on PPL property in Palmyra Township, on the Pike side of the Paupack Falls creek behind the Hawley Silk Mill. The matter was to be further discussed in Executive Session.
• Pike County Court has issued a default order on the Falcone property in Wilson Hill, requiring the lot to be cleaned up. Waldron said that the house appears to be abandoned but "is not falling down." He said there was sufficient time for the property owner to answer the Township's inquiries so the Township is entitled to a default order from the Court. Code Officer Roland Edwards will make a report noting what needs to be cleaned up; if it is not cleaned, a lien can be put on the property.

••• Competing EMS services

• Atlantic Ambulance has been granted a license to operate in Palmyra Township. Bernie Swartwood, Director of Pike County Communications, set up a meeting October 22 at the County's 9-1-1 emergency operations building in Lords Valley with local township officials. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the growth of available ambulance and paramedic services, and the protocol for dispatching them. Swartwood indicated that in the past, the County would dispatch the closest available unit to an emergency, but because there are so many close by, townships are asked to designate which company should be called first.
Palmyra-Pike has not appointed a first response Advanced Life Support (ALS) company. Pike County ALS and Tafton Ambulance (Basic Life Support or BLS), both located in Palmyra, have recently been joined by Atlantic, which offers both ALS and BLS. Tafton is picked as Palmyra's first choice for BLS calls.
Palmyra- Pike Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the offices off Gumbletown Road. The offices may be contacted at 570-226-2230.