The Lady Bucks recently put the finishing touches on another winning campaign

The Lady Bucks capped their regular season with a win against Holy Cross last week, propelling them to an 11-4 record, thus securing a 5th seed in the district playoffs.

Out of the four losses they had this year, Head Coach Jim Ball noted that two of the defeats, to Valley View and to North Pocono, were very close matches.

In both cases, Ball chalks up the reasoning behind the bad days to injuries and illness.

Had they only posted two losses, the Lady Bucks' season would be "unbelievable" as opposed to only "outstanding."

Young & Old

Underclassmen, thrust suddenly into the top ranks thanks to a wave of departing members from last season, constituted the assemblage of singles players.

Freshman Kristen Denniston regularly found her way onto the Varsity court while sophomores Brigid Washburn and Irene Gendleman were common fixtures with junior Stephanie Roa in singles action.

"We essentially moved our entire JV squad from last year and put them into Varsity level play this season," noted Ball.


You could take last year's JV squad picture, do a little photoshopping, maybe airbrush someone out like they were a deposed Soviet Commissar, and voila!

You have the 2013 girls varsity team photo.

However here's where the side note comes into play. Last year's JV team went undefeated. Roa and Gendleman tore up the court in singles play last year, so it really doesn't come as a shock that they would fare well playing at a higher level.

Similarly, Alicia Brindle, who was frequently paired with Captain Savannah Brunette for #1 doubles play this season, was the #2 ranked single on last years' JV squad.

"Putting up winning records and making the playoffs year-in and year-out is a Paupack tradition," Ball admits.

While a few of the ladies get a head start playing with their families or in a club at a young age, the vast majority of the Lady Buck players normally don't get introduced to the game until junior high school.

One could say that a team made up of 11th and 12th graders should be expected to have a winning record and land a good seed in the playoffs based solely on the experience gained over five to six years of play.

One has a much harder time putting forth that proposition when 9th and 10th graders are putting up those same kinds of numbers. One has to factor in raw talent and a zest for understanding the game.

Over & Out

Paupack advanced to the 2013 District Two Class AAA championships, but fell to North Pocono in the quarterfinals.

Nevertheless, the Lady Bucks enjoyed yet another stellar season on the local tennis courts.

With any luck, Paupack will be back and stronger than ever for the spring season of 2014.