“There are no new taxes in the 2014 proposed township budget,” Greene Township Supervisor Gary Carlton announced at the November 6th meeting. “We need to raise the treasurer’s bond to $600,000.”

 “There are no new taxes in the 2014 proposed township budget,” Greene Township Supervisor Gary Carlton announced at the November  6th meeting. “We need to raise the treasurer’s bond to $600,000.”
      “In October 2010 the township had just over $20,000 in the bank plus the liquid fuel fund. Since changes have been made we currently have $358,000 in the general fund plus the liquid fuel account. We have even received less in tax revenues and less in liquid fuel monies,” Carlton explained.
      The supervisors will consider final adoption of the budget at their December regular meeting.
      The supervisors agreed to re-advertise for a truck and driver for snow plowing and cindering township roads. Bids are to be opened at the December regular meeting.

••• Bridge troubles

     Chairman Ed Simon reported that the state has performed bridge inspections in the township. He said that one of the Sawmill Road bridges passed inspection with a 33 ton limit but needs a total of 10 signs, including weight limit, bridge ahead, and bridge signs.
       “The township roads are posted for 18 ton weight limit. It will cost thousands to purchase and place the signs,” Carlton complained.
      “There are no weight limit signs on a bridge needing repair on Route 507,” Jerry Obert interjected.
     “The other bridge on Sawmill Road has a 4 ton weight limit,” Simon said. “They want the bridge narrowed to 15 feet by concrete barriers. A 4 ton weight limit would not allow a school bus, snow plow, or fire truck to pass over it.”
     “The bridge was inspected last year and passed the inspection without an issue. Almost every bridge they’ve looked at they’ve indicated as having a problem,” Carlton noted.
     “A Lake Russell Road culvert bottom has rusted out,” Simon continued. “I’ve contacted an engineer to design a concrete liner.”
     “The Mozzette Road bridge has a 30 ton weight limit and needs signs. A Mountain View Road bridge is okay with a 27 ton weight limit but needs signs,” Simon noted. “We will request Dirt and Gravel road project grants to finance repairs.”
   “If we have an engineer look at the bridges in question we can verify or dispute the state bridge inspector’s findings,” suggested Solicitor Jeffrey Treat.

••• Help Food Pantry

       “Saint Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church where the food pantry had been located is now closed,” reported Shirley Hassar. “The Newfoundland Moravian Church has allowed the pantry to locate in their building temporarily.”
   She added that the pantry needs about 1,000 square feet to operate.
    “If both Greene and Dreher Townships went together we might be able to get a grant through the gambling money,” Carlton suggested.
      “The garage for St. Anthony’s with an addition might be adequate. It would cost between $500 and $1000 per month to rent a facility,” Arthur Frey added. “The pantry serves 90 families from Pike County and a total of 720 people between the two municipalities. Northeast Alliance has available grants.”
     “The townships and pantry could also look into the purchase of judicial sale property,” Supervisor MaryAnn Hubbard added. “The grant process is long.”
     The supervisors agreed to work with Dreher Township to help the food pantry to get their own building.

••• Ambulance call options

      “Atlantic Ambulance now has three advanced life support (ALS) locations in Pike County, Milford, Lords Valley and Wilsonville. Both the Lords Valley location (Route 739 across from Hemlock Farms entrance) and Wilsonville (Route 507 near Chant Realty) can serve residents in Greene Township,” Mike Scovil, Atlantic Ambulance, reported.
     “Charges, primarily based on treatment and mileage, are billed to the patient’s insurance company. If the patient does not have insurance a compassionate billing plan is available to the patient.”    
    “Atlantic Ambulance is not currently being dispatched to Greene Township by the Pike Communication Center,” Scovil noted.
     “Some townships have arranged that the primary ambulance company is called first, then if the company cannot respond, two mutual aid companies are called in succession, and if neither can respond, will call an ALS company to respond,” Hubbard reported.
      “Wayne ALS is located near Lake Ariel, Pike ALS has locations on Atlantic Avenue in Wilsonville, and Rt. 434, Lords Valley, and Atlantic ALS has locations in Wilsonville and Lords Valley,” she continued.
     “Volunteers are getting harder to get. It is important to minimize ambulance wait time for residents,” she concluded.
      “We want ambulance companies and residents to provide us input on how ambulance companies should be called,” Carlton noted.
     The supervisors agreed to split the Firemans Relief Fund, $35,868.61, equally between Greene-Dreher Volunteer Fire Company and Promised Land Fire and Ambulance.

••• Emergency plan

      “Our emergency management plan does need some updating, Hubbard reported. The township emergency plan is in the township building. The township has gone through tornadoes, blizzards, etc, and has been able to recover nearly 100 percent of monies spent during states of emergency because of the work of the township Emergency Management Agency.”
      Hubbard offered her resignation as township EMA coordinator due to conflicts with the other two supervisors.

••• Fair enforcement
     “There should be fair and impartial enforcement of rules,” resident Harry Williams stated.
      “When complaints are received for waste or private unauthorized ‘junk yards,’ letters are sent and action is taken by the Township,” supervisor and solid waste enforcement Carlton explained.
     “I have recommended that the township takes and investigates complaints,” solicitor Treat said. “Complaints can be anonymous; people won’t complain if they know their name will be used.”