By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

HAWLEY- Hawley Council has the perhaps envious position of deciding how to spend almost $50,000 - which must be directed to improving the street scape of the downtown.

Mary Sanders, Borough Council Vice-president, asked at the Dec. 11th Council meeting for suggestions to use the money. The funds are left from the street scape grant from the PA Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) which helped pay for the sidewalk project done in the last few years. There are restrictions set by the state on how the money can be utilized.

Funds must be spent possibly by June 2014 or earlier. She asked Simon Knox, manager of Downtown Hawley Partnership (DHP), to ask the merchants for a "wish list." Since some of the improvements may be placed in front of their business, she said they ought to have an opportunity for input.

They can only be placed on Main Avenue or within a block up and down on Keystone and Church streets.

Some of the possible uses include benches, bicycle racks, trash receptacles, signs, doggie waste cans and flags.

A town clock was discussed as well, Sanders said.

Council President Don Kyzer asked about buying flower boxes. Sanders replied that someone would be needed to take care of them,

Another suggestion, raised by Councilman Joseph Fauble, was some sort of art piece- perhaps a statue. Sanders said she would need to see if art would qualify.

Councilwoman Ann Monaghan recommended keeping a historic theme in mind, in keeping with the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor designation.

Knox invited Sanders to come and discuss this at a DHP meeting.

There was consideration of using the money for a bus stop at Bingham Park across from Borough Hall, but a suitable location could not be found.