In recognition of the Pike County Bar Association's longtime commitment, dedication and donations to the United Way of Pike County, Elizabeth Erickson-Kamee, Esquire and President accepted the Partner Award at the Annual United Dinner.
United Way President, Patrick Kiesendahl spoke about the PCBA's commitment to the community and their annual donation of $20,000, which goes directly to local food pantries.
Kiesendahl said support from the PCBA and other organizations is important because it allows the United Way the opportunity to continue its mission of alleviating homelessness and hunger, which, ultimately is meant to better the lives of others.
With many people seeking help because of financial hardship, UWPC Executive Director Catherine Capasso said the donations from the PCBA are important because they funding local food pantries which are resources for people during difficult times.
For more information about the United Way of Pike County, contact Executive Director, Catherine Capasso at 570-296-9980 or, or call toll free 888-306-6963. For further information about any of the agencies providing services in Pike County can be found at