Paupack's talented freshman cager is quickly evolving into a well-rounded player.

A little over a year after Robin Scartelli stepped down as the Wallenpaupack Area girls varsity basketball coach, another Scartelli has moved on to the roster as a player.

Her daughter, Olivia.

Just in her plebe year, Scartelli, who was an ace player at the junior high level, was ushered past the recently renewed Paupack freshman hoops program, and delivered promptly to the varsity bench.

Some may say this is premature. Others might say that she's there because of her lineage.

The fact of the matter is that Olivia Scartelli is playing varsity basketball is because she has the skill and talent to play at the level, even if she doesn't know it yet herself.

Fitting In

"It's challenging," Olivia admits. "It's a lot more aggressive than middle school basketball and I'm still getting comfortable with this level of play."

While her mom's records as a Lady Buck player and coach do lurk around her, they don't loom over her head.

"There's a little pressure, but everyone on the team is welcoming and keeps things positive," she said.

While Scartelli has had some floor time, she's still back a bit in the rotation and hasn't netted any varsity baskets as of yet, but she could become a break-out player at any time.

Potential Energy

"Liv is one the most skilled players in the program," Lady Bucks head coach Adam Holtzer said.

"Going from 8th grade play to varsity level is a big step," Holtzer added. "She might be a little gun shy if she has a bad game but once she finds her stride she can become a 15-20 point per game player rather quickly."

Holtzer noted that Scartelli is in some cases ten steps ahead of where more experienced players on the team were when they were freshmen themselves.

Already she can hand with the rest of the team day in and day out on the floor. During intra-squad scrimmages, Holtzer further pointed out that sometimes Olivia is even ahead of where other players are.

"She just has to have that light bulb moment," Holtzer said. "When that happens, with her talent, she could easily become a 1,000 point scorer."

One Step at a Time

Right now, Scartelli's focused on the task at hand and looking forward to a good season with the Lady Bucks.

Having gained some additional experience by spending the spring and fall playing AAU basketball, she spends a lot of time now honing her skills and searching for her place in the mix.

"I'm looking forward to playing against Honesdale and Prep," she exclaimed, "they're always tough teams and we always want to win those games."

Above everything else, she's happy to be a part of a great team that really knows each other.

While many of her teammates also play together in soccer or softball, or both, Olivia says she didn't feel like an outsider or amiss with a team dynamic that was pre-existing.

"We all get along," she said. "Everyone helps each other out and Raeann Ehrhardt has really been a motivator to me and at the end of the day we're all friends."