Rev. Martin Cox was sworn in as a new Hawley Borough Councilman, January 6th, as the Borough began a new year.

Rev. Martin Cox was sworn in as a new Hawley Borough Councilman, January 6th, as the Borough began a new year.
Prior to starting the regular meeting, District Judge Bonnie Carney administered the oath of office to Kevin Hawk, who has begun his second term as mayor. His wife Deborah held a family Bible as the mayor put his right hand upon it.
The mayor in turn conducted the oath for Rev. Cox, who was newly elected last November. Cox served the Hawley United Methodist Church for 31 years, before retiring in 2012. Cox is a Democrat;
Also taking the oath were Councilwoman Ann Monaghan and Tax Collector Barbara Middaugh, both who are Democrats; and Republican Council members Donald Kyzer, Mary Sanders and Michele Rojas. Each were elected to new terms except Monaghan, who was newly elected.
Monaghan started her term last month to fill a vacancy when Councilman John Robertson resigned.
Taking nominations for offices, fellow Democratic Councilwoman Elaine Herzog put in Cox's name for Council President. Mary Sanders nominated Kyzer, who has been president for several years. Support followed party lines, and Kyzer was appointed by the Republican majority.
Herzog then nominated Cox for Council Vice-President; Rojas nominated Sanders, who also has served in that capacity for several years. Sanders was named Vice-President by the Republican majority.
Joseph Faubel, A Republican, was named Council Pro-Tem. Mayor Hawk was named to the Vacancy Board.

••• Appointments

The following appointments were made for 2014, reflecting no change:
• Treasurer: Andrea Racht
• Secretary: Lea Peoples
• Assistant Secretary: Jesy Coca
• Solicitor, Klemeyer: Farley & Bernathy
• Zoning Officer: Fred Nemac
• Maintenance Code Officer: Roger Smyth
• Borough Engineers: Kiley & Associates
• Emergency Management Coordinator: Kevin Hawk
• Emergency Management Coordinator Assistant: Mary Sanders
• Auditor: Tim Farrell
• Insurance Agent: A.M. Skier
Andrea Racht was appointed as Open Records Officer.

••• Boards & commissions

Two alternates were appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB). These were needed after a hearing for a request by the Hawley Silk Mill for a sign on Route 6 had to be cancelled due to two of three members recusing themselves for conflicts of interest. The alternates are Christine Murray and Matt Carney.
ZHB members include Tim Tyre, chair; Lee Benjamin and William Delling. Mark Zimmer is solicitor.
Planning Commission members appointed are Philip Kellerman, president; Lou Cozza, vice-president; Ann Monaghan, secretary; Michele Rojas, liaison; Barbara Corrigan; Ed Ahern and alternate Bob Gilman.
Park & Recreation members approved are Janet DeLuca, Philip Kellerman, Joe Faubel, Elaine Herzog, Kevin Hawk, Jim Shook, Nancy Morales and alternate Michael Levine.
Building Code Board of Appeals members approved are Lou Cozza, Lee Benjamin, Julia Seiler, Richard Winkler and alternate Willian Delling. Anthony Magnotta is solicitor.
Police Committee members approved: Mary Sanders, Joe Faubel, Kevin Hawk and Dan Drake.
A newly formed committee, Levee/Storm Water/Flood Planning, consists of Kevin Hawk, Mary Sanders, Michele Rojas and Ann Monaghan.
Borough Council committee appointments include the following:
• Building: Cox
• Finance: Faubel, Herzog
• Health & Welfare: Herzog
• Police: Sanders, Faubel, Police Chief Daniel Drake, Mayor Kevin Hawk
• Park & Rec Liaison: Herzog
• Street & Roads: Monaghan
• Personnel: Sanders
• Grants: Sanders
• Hawley Area Authority Liaison: Mayor Hawk
• Landlord/Tenant: Cox
• 9/11: Cox.
Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, across from Bingham Park. The office may be contacted at 570-226-9545 and their web address is