HONESDALE - The "36th Annual Wayne County (PA)/Sullivan County (NY) Dairy Day/Ag Day", is set for Monday, February 17th, from 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., at Honesdale High School, off of Terrace Street, in Honesdale.
The "2014 Dairy Day/Ag Day" will once again bring together the Wayne County (PA) and Sullivan County (NY) Cooperative Extension Services, the agri-businesses of Wayne County (PA) and Sullivan County (NY) plus the agricultural communities, farmers and farm families and supporters, from these counties, in neighboring states.

••• Opportunity

The annual "Dairy Day/Ag Day" is an opportunity for exhibitors, supporters and participants to introduce and highlight new and innovative agricultural machinery, new technology, new services, new product lines and to offer updates on programs and services offered and delivered to the farming community by area agri-businesses, associations and agricultural supporters.
Dealers, associations, farm organizations and other agriculture supporters will have an opportunity to set-up exhibits and displays in the school gymnasium. Exhibitors will be allotted a space about 6 to 8 feet in width and about 6 feet in depth. All exhibitors need to bring tables and chairs for their exhibit area.
This year, the exhibitor's fee is $85.00. This fee is used mainly to support the lunch that is served to all who participated in the activities of "Dairy Day/Ag Day." Interested area "exhibitors" will need to complete a registration form. These forms are available from the Wayne County (PA) Cooperative Extension Service by calling: 570-253-5970, extension 4110, or, from the Sullivan County (NY) Cooperative Extension by calling 845-292-6180. The registration deadline is Friday, February 14, 2014.
Area Agri-businesses, dairy suppliers, etc. who are not interested in setting up a "Dairy Day/Ag Day" display or exhibit, are encouraged to participate as a "supporter" of the "Dairy Day/ Ag Day". "Supporters" typically donate either monetary support or dairy products or specialty meat products for the "Dairy Bar". All "supporters" will be listed/printed in the promotional flier.
In addition, all agriculture-related organizations, "non-profits", associations, commodity groups, etc. are encouraged to be part of the "Dairy Day/Ag Day" as "participants". "Participants" can set-up educational, informative and/or promotional displays and/or exhibits. All "participants" are asked to consider a donation to help offset the cost of the "Dairy Day/Ag Day" activities and for the lunch.

••• "Ask the Experts"

Another feature of the annual "Dairy Day/Ag Day" is the "Ask the Experts?" portion of this event. This assembly of resource people is asked to "share" important and useful information about a variety of agricultural-related topics that could benefit those working and living in the agricultural community. The variety of topics for this year's "Ask the Experts?" will include: "Center For Dairy Excellence Information," "Wayne County/PA Game Commission," "Tillage Thru Cover Crops", "Wayne County 4-H Program Information," "Manure Management Information," "New Farmer Loan Programs," "Well Information and Water Testing.," Johnes Disease/Testing, Quality Assurance, "PA Farm Link/Succession Planning/Farm Transfer Information" and "Starting a Business Information."
An important "stop" for most "Dairy Day/Ag Day" participants is the "Dairy Bar!" The "Dairy Bar" features: "Calkins Creamery Cheeses," "Yatsonsky Farm Ice Cream," "Pocono Mountain Dairies white and chocolate milk," "Zeiler-Caruth Quality Specialty Meats," "Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Cheeses" and "Alpine Wurst & Meat House Restaurant." The "Dairy Bar" accepts the donation of dairy products and the specialty meats so that "Dairy Day/Ag Day" attendees can "sample" each of these products produced locally in either Wayne County (Pennsylvania) or Sullivan County (New York).
All area farmers, farm families, etc. who plan to attend the "2014 Dairy Day/Ag Day" are strongly encouraged to call the Wayne County (PA) Cooperative Extension or the Sullivan County (NY) Cooperative Extension with their lunch reservations. The lunch reservations are needed in order to be able to provide enough lunches for "Dairy Day/Ag Day" farmers/farm families and other participants. The Wayne County (PA) Cooperative Extension number to dial is: 570-253-5970, extension 4110, and, the Sullivan County (NY) Cooperative Extension number is: 845-292-6180.
Also, some basic "health screenings," for area farmers, will be available at "Dairy Day/ Ag Day." These "health screenings" are provided by: "Wayne Memorial Hospital Health Services" and other affiliated health service providers.