MILFORD - The Pike County Historical Society will offer a free day of genealogy research at its library – located in the Columns Museum at 608 Broad Street in Milford – in loving memory of the recently passed, long-time volunteer Noel McCullough. The museum’s research and genealogy library will be open and staffed to assist visitors in their Pike County ancestry search on Saturday, March 15th from 12 to 4 p.m.
      “Noel’s association with the Historical Society dates back over 30 years. Her hard work and dedication is evident in just about every way it can be in a library and research facility,” said Lori Strelecki, Museum Director of 14 years. “I recognize her distinct style of neat, concise printing on newspaper clippings in our obituary card catalog file, on our bookshelves and in our family files every day. I am so very thankful to have had our library and archives benefit from her work. She laid the groundwork and disciplines, which we still follow today in our quest to document our county’s history. I am proud to have learned so much from such a delightful woman and avid professional.  She will be dearly missed.”
      McCullough was the catalyst in making many things happen to enhance the collections of the society. One major project included a large collection of handwritten, original correspondence sent to philosopher and mathematician Charles Saunders Peirce, a one-time Pike County resident. These documents were carefully scanned and put onto disc, allowing Peirce scholars to view the aging letters without compromising them. Her efforts, though perhaps seemingly time consuming and tedious to most, have paved the way for history to be charted for generations to come, and those efforts are what will always keep her alive in the hearts and minds of those who appreciate history.
      The Society’s library and archives include cemetery listings, obituary listings, family files, subject files, commemoratives, land warrants, petitions for citizenship, voter’s lists and local newspapers dating back to 1860. To take advantage of the free research session, visit The Columns Museum on March 15th.
       For more information please call the Pike County Historical Society at 570-296-8126 or email