NEWFOUNDLAND -    The Kindergarten at the Wallenpaupack South Elementary School will present its annual concert in celebration of Music In Our Schools Month on Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the school in Newfoundland.  
    The theme for this year’s celebration is “Music Makes Me!”  Each student is completing that statement and their poster can be seen decorating the school halls!
     Every year the month of March is designated as “Music In Our Schools Month,” the time of year when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation.  "It is an ideal opportunity for increasing awareness of the benefits of quality music education programs for all children in all our nation’s schools. The Wallenpaupack South School has several activities to celebrate this event," said school officials.
    Through the local Pennsylvania Music Educators Conference area schools perform at the Viewmont Mall in March.  The South’s 4th and 5th grade chorus will perform Monday, March 3 at 5:30 p.m, in Center Court.  On Thursday, March 6 a String Trio from the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic will perform for the student body at the South school.
          The kindergarten children hope to see lots of smiles in the audience as they sing their “Smiley Songs.”  The children begin with Teresa Jennings’ humorous song, “The Cow Says, ‘Meow!” with other silly animals saying quite strange things, school officials said.
••• Songs planned
“Veggies Are Yummy,” especially carrots, celery, spinach, lettuce, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers!  The children sing about a hunt for a bad smell in their bedroom in the song “What’s That Smell?”  February is Dental Health Month and in David and Anne Ellsworth’s song the children remind us to “Brush, Brush, Brush” and “floss, floss, floss!”  The children sing about keeping the germs away in the clever song “Soap and Water.”  Children love rhymes and the traditional song “Down By the Bay” has some very funny rhymes!  The Kindergarten will sing the traditional “Alphabet Song” but on the repeat they will sing about the special music alphabet!  Lots of interesting sounds will be heard in “Did You Hear That Sound?” as children play the claves, wood blocks, maracas, cymbals, drums, tambourines, triangles and even a squeeze toy and empty water bottle!  The children wish the audience a whacky day in Karl Hitzemann’s song “Have a Whacky Day” that also has whacky lyrics!  We will hear all kinds of barking in Teresa Jennings’ song “Puppies.”  The puppies are “tiny and sweet, furry, sloppy, with fuzzyish feet!”  The vowel song, “Apples and Bananas” will surely bring a smile to your face!  The concert comes to a close with the comical songs “I Can’t Sneeze!” and “Find Your Smile” by the Ellsworth’s and the rhyming song “See You Later” by Teresa Jennings and John Riggio.
          Jean M. Shields, music teacher, and Mark Kirsten, principal, invite the public to this concert.