LAKE REGION - The monthly meeting for The Patriot Connectors will be held Thursday night, March 13th from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Wallenpaupack High School. 
   The school is off US Route 6, two miles east of Hawley. The meeting is a free forum, open to the public to discuss local, state and national issues of import to area residents.
    The up-coming meeting will host Anthony Antonello, a feature writer for the W-B Independent Gazette. He is an investigative journalist, radio host, film producer and on the front lines confronting and interviewing countless politicians, media moguls and main stream reporters, including some of the world’s most powerful elite.
    He has become a consistent source of information that can’t be found in the main stream media and has found many creative ways to get this information out to the public. More and more this is a common practice of many independent journalists and activists.  Mr. Antonello is host to his own show on FPRN Radio Network called “Silence is Compliance”. As of last year it has become the fastest growing show in the independent media.
    As usual there will be free literature, materials and petitions of timely interest for those attending the meeting.
      If the High School is closed due to inclement weather The Patriot Connectors' meeting will be cancelled.