LACKAWAXEN TWP. - The Wally Man Triathlon was approved at the Lackawaxen Township March meeting and is scheduled to occur in the region Saturday, June 14, starting at 7 a.m. Township Supervisor and Board Chairman Bob Cocchi said after a presentation was given at a Palmyra Township (Pike) meeting in February, where there was a plan for traffic control  presented. The township approved the triathlon with a few conditions.
   Township Solicitor Tony Waldron said the persons overseeing the event are, “very well versed in doing their homework,” as they have communicated with area fire companies. From what Waldron has seen, he said it doesn't appear as though traffic will be disrupted too bad.
    The triathlon route includes parts of Route 590, Towpath Road and Kimbles Road, in Lackawaxen Township. The event begins at the area of the Palmyra Township beach on Lake Wallenpaupack and extends through Palmyra Township (Wayne) and Hawley Borough to Lackawaxen Township.
    Bills for $620,771.71 were approved and Cocchi explained the reasoning for the high cost is that $360,000 went to the ambulance company and $91,000 went to fire departments.
    Wayne Rosengrant was appointed as Lackawaxen Township's emergency management service coordinator, where he will communicate emergency information with township secretary Camille James.
    A conditional use hearing for Wayne Holbert has been set for April 21st at 6 p.m. Cocchi said adjoining property owners will be notified.
    A fee for lot consolidations was set at $50. Cocchi said the township has not had a fee, even though the township attorney has been paid to do the required work. Typically, Waldron said it takes him five to 10 minutes to do the appropriate work. Per review, Waldron said he charges between $17.50 to $35, where some of the cost goes to processing and notarizing.
    The idea for a community events board for the township is being considered. The purpose of the board would be to have a centralized events calendar where fire companies, planned communities and anyone that wishes to have a public event or fundraiser can schedule the events through the year, so the dates don't conflict with other events.
    A cleanup day in the township is scheduled for May 31 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., where there will be dumpsters available. Cocchi said tires are prohibited, but electronics will be accepted. There will be a fee of $5 to $10 for some items.
     At the February township meeting, Sally Whalen complained to the Board because she did not feel the stroke resources in the region were sufficient. At the March meeting, she gave an update of what she has learned after talking with officials from Wayne Memorial Hospital. She said the hospital is working on ways to educate the public about strokes, and there will be a representative from the hospital at the township's April 21 meeting, to discuss some of the hospital's plans. Whalen said she has learned things about strokes, as a result of her concern and although the hospital is not stroke certified she is, “going to keep on them and I'm going to keep calling them and I'm going to be their watch dog to make sure it gets done.”  
    As a result of Fawn Lake offering a tax break on lot consolidations, the residents jumped on the opportunity and nine consolidations for the community were approved.
    Following rough winter conditions, roads are often affected. But, that didn't stop some folks from complaining at the March meeting. Bergit Pinkston said she thought there was going to be a sinkhole in the Towpath recently and she was, “going in.” If people complain, she said the, “squeaky wheel is going to get greased.”  
    The next Lackawaxen Township meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township offices at 169 Urban Road. The office may be reached at 570-685-7288.