PALMYRA TWP. (WAYNE) - Due to the evolution of technology, Palmyra Township- Wayne’s computer needs to be updated, said township Secretary Lois Powerderly.
     Township Supervisor Chairman and Assistant Road Master Pete Steffen explained at the March meeting, that the township is in need of a new computer because Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. And so, the computer system will be updated to a, “Windows 7 environment,” said Steffen. The cost of the computer, he said, will be funded out of the Building Code account.
    Palymra Township auditor’s chairperson, Gary Van-Orden reported the results of the township’s January 7 reorganization meeting. Looking at the wages, Van-Orden said the auditors were “mindful,” that taxes have not increased, although the township may need a loan for the sewer line extension. The auditors decided to give the working supervisors a $.50 raise, Van-Orden said because the average number of hours worked per year is 800. The $.50 increase brings the supervisors’ pay to $18.50. This increase, Van-Orden said affects the payroll about $400 a year or $33 a month or $7.69 a week. The auditors decided to leave the health insurance quarterly benefits at the present rate of $400.
    In February, Hawley Police Officer Ernie Hilling reported there was; one disorderly conduct, one harassment, a retail theft and two thefts. Under motor vehicle matters, Hilling said there was one motor vehicle accident, one traffic situation and three traffic warnings. The department also assisted the fire department once and handled 30 other incidents.
    Powerdly reported that there is $120,430.85 in the general checking. In the state road account she said there is $614.75. And in the building code account there is $23,404.81 leading to a total for the accounts to be $144,450.41. Revenues for February totaled $31,613.33. Poweredly said a large part of revenues was from Blue Ridge Cable because the township received a check of over $11,000. Salaries for the month was $4,265.80.
    Hawley Fire Chief Scott Mead reported that in February the department responded to 19 calls. In Hawley Borough there were 10, four in Palmyra Township and the department assisted neighboring companies a few times. There was a two car accident on Hudson Street and a structure fire in Garden Hill, that Mead said was the result of a refrigerator motor burning. There was a tree on a wire on Rt. 590 and a structure fire on Beach Nut Road.
    Steffen gave a “kudos” to Supervisor and Road Master Joe Kmetz and his staff for maintaining the roads during the rough winter.
    Palmyra Township received $19,997.37 from FEMA because of the storm in June said Powderly. At some point the township will also receive $2,586.02 from PEMA, which Powderly said will give the township a $22,583.34 total reimbursement for the storm.
    After reviewing the plans for the sewer line expansion, Steffen said PennDot officials said the estimates for paving restoration was not high enough. That, he said, seemed odd and so it had to be made higher. With some grants the security amount will be between five percent of the total estimate, which Steffen said saved some money. The draft plans for bid documents has started, which Steffen said is, “a good thing.”
    Prior to March’s meeting, Solicitor Jeffrey Treat asked the Board for permission to “proceed with execution of [the case concernng] Lisa Osborne.” As a result, he said Osborne has asked the courts to reconsider reinstating her case. As of January, Treat said Osborne hadn’t made the January, February and March payment so she owes more than $3,000. With no answer as to what will occur because the matter has been ongoing since 2012, Treat said “we’ll see what the court does.”
  (A search of Towship minutes shows that in September 2012, Treat reported Osborne owned approximately $10,000 in back taxes, cost of the Township’s Judgment and payment to Hawley Area Authority. The property went for Sheiff's Sale but Osborne then filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Treat reported in January 2013.- Editor)
    An out of town sports business is looking to use a portion of Rt. 590 as part of a triathlon that is set to occur June 14th pending necessary approvals.  Mead said the company is, “trying like heck,” as the company has talked with PennDOT. Steffen said it appears as though the company has “covered all of their bases,” by talking to the appropriate persons that will be affected. Palmyra Township’s involvement is minimal, he said and so there wasn’t anything to approve. Instead, he said the Board could just “support their efforts,” as the company uses the portion of Rt. 590.
    Following difficult road conditions because of the winter weather and a communication problem, the Board decided to get Trac phones for the road crew’s trucks. The phones, Steffen said will give, “a little bit of security.”
    As a result of the weather, Mead said the fire hydrants need to be cleared. After the last storm, he said members of the department spent four hours one day clearing the snow. At a recent incident, about 500 more feet of hose was needed, he said, because the firemen couldn’t see a hydrant.
    As a way to detect heat in walls, Mead said the department purchased a thermal imaging camera. The camera will also help when trying to find a person.
    Palmyra Township’s next scheduled meeting is set for Monday, April 7 at 7 p.m. at the township offices on Oak Street, Marble Hill.