This paper is dated Wednesday, April 2nd. It's a good thing.
  Readers can be glad it wasn't dated Tuesday, April 1.
  I might have been tempted to have a headline across the top of the front page, "Your shoes are untied."
  A little levity goes a long way, as long as its in good taste of course. A sense of humor is a valued asset. Like everything else, we need balance, but as the Good Book states, a merry heart does good like a medicine.
    Some people say the comics are the best part of the paper. How many of us breeze past them without stopping?
    On the matter of telling someone your shoes are untied, I wonder how many of you every fell for this traditional April Fool's joke. I suppose I have. Well, yes, I did. May as well be honest. Probably the person(s) who pulled it on me will read this and say something!  Oh those were the days. That was back in grade school, by the way, not last year when I was out covering a story in case you were wondering.
    So in case someone pulled that joke on you, how did you react? There is a range of responses. 1. You can look down, and see you were fooled, while they have a laugh. 2. You can look down, see they were really untied and thank them. 3. You can refuse to look down and 3a. Walk off and spoil their fun or 3b.  walk off and still fall for it because your laces really were untied and you tripped.
   It's one of those dilemmas. April Fool's Day carries a certain amount of risk. Better to wear loafers on that day or go about bare-foot.
   In any case, keep those laces tied as we move forward, but let's keep a merry heart.