WALLENPAUPACK - The students in Mrs. Wierbowski’s Kindergarten class at Wallenpaupack North Primary School have been learning about their ancestry.  
   The students read the book Abuela, a story about a grandmother and her granddaughter going on an adventure in the city.  The main character, Abuela, is from Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish and Mrs. Wierbowski thought it would be exciting for the students to learn about their own heritage and from where their ancestors came.  Mrs. Wierbowski discovered that one of her students is related to the Wright Brothers, another student has ancestors that came to America during the Puritan Migration.  
   The class was visited by Mr. and Mrs. Kovacs, parents of Sara Kovacs, in Mrs. Wierbowski’s class. The Kovacs came to the United States fourteen years ago, from Hungary.  They talked to the class about Hungarian traditions, celebrations and the language.  Mrs. Kovacs read a story in Hungarian while her daughter, Sara, translated the story for the students.
   The class was also visited by Mrs. VanDunk, mother of student, Ella.  The VanDunks are Native American from the Lenape Nation.  Ella’s great grandfather was the chief of the Lenape, bearing the name Chief Redbone.  The students were able to see a picture of him along with his personal effects, such as his deerskin clothing and his own carved walking sticks.  Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and touch the articles.
     Overall, the project was a valuable experience in which the students learned a great deal about geography, various cultures and traditions, and the true meaning of the United States as a melting pot of the world.