Spring is really here and we are grateful. Heralding the fact this week was the sight of probably a couple hundred geese heading north.
   In their classic V-formation, there was not one but three columns of Canada geese, formed in a "V", one column behind the other like a sergeant's triple- chevron. They were flying low over White Mills one sunny morning, their black and white bodies clearly seen against the turquoise sky. Their loud chorus of honks alerted this writer to the window as they commanded the view.
   Canada geese have been often declared a nuisance, when they choose a spot to rest on our  lawns, should they be near a lake or pond. Feeding them is discouraged and various means have been suggested to rout them.
    Like so many creatures, their habitat is compromised, and sometimes conflicts arise. Nevertheless, their amazing flight patterns and reliance upon one another as they take turns who is in the lead in their formation, calls for awe.
     One time walking by a public lake in the area, a flock of geese in the water suddenly followed their leader and took to the sky, right over my head. The scene was as majestic as it was startling, to see this formation up close, at first seeming to come right towards me but gaining altitude as they went- I was  standing on their runway.
    As a sign of spring, we welcome them, as well the gaining sunshine and warmth, the retreating snow banks, the soon coming of buds and blossoms. On cue, nature is awakening all around us from its slumbers of winter. It was a long winter by many counts, and we wondered how much we could take. May spring's return awaken us to a new beginning as well, taking in the fresh air and symbol of hope revived.