LAKE REGION - The Patriot Connectors group will be meeting at the Wallenpaupack High School Library Thursday, April 10th from 7 to 9 p.m. Pastor Gary Haskell from the Jackson Baptist Church, Susquehanna County PA will address the group.

Pastor Gary is part of the Black Robe Regiment and a dynamic, enthusiastic, and enlightened speaker, said event organizers.

The Black Robe Regiment is an entity where church leaders and lay people are networking and educating themselves to biblical responsibility to stand up and protect the freedoms and liberties granted to a moral people in the divinely inspired U.S. Constitution.

The Regiment had its historical beginnings during the Revolutionary War when Pastors from across the colonies arose to lead their congregations into the battle for freedom. The church, during this time, served as the center-point for political debate and discussion on the relevant news of the day.

"Today many are afraid to speak out against the progressive agenda that has dominated the political system for the past century. The church and God are under assault and have been marginalized and diminished by the progressives and secularists of the day," said Patriot Connectors leadership. "It is under attack on all fronts and being challenged by the liberal courts and groups with a false wall of separation of church and state and presented in such a manner that most citizens are unaware of its limited boundaries.

"Pastors are becoming awakened to the danger of this hyper-progressive agenda that so permeates every aspect of the political, legal, and educational systems in America and are realizing it is time to educate their congregations against the erosion of America’s freedoms and liberties and restore the constitutional authority back into all aspects of governance."

Patriot Connectors meet the second Thursday of every month throughout the year. If the High School is closed due to inclement weather the group does not meet. The school is located on U.S. Route 6, two miles east of Hawley.

They have a web site at