HAMLIN - Radio Shack of Hamlin is closing its doors after 23 years in business. Raymond Russo, owner of the local Radio Shack Franchise store in Hamlin has announced that he is retiring from the retail electronics business and closing the business he started back in 1991.

RadioShack Corporation had recently announced that they planned to close over 1100 stores nationwide in an effort to restructure the company and return it to profitability. When asked if his decision to retire had anything to do with RadioShack’s announcement, Ray responded; “RadioShack was planning on closing their slowest-producing corporate-owned stores, but their decision did not affect any of the privately-owned franchise stores. In fact, they’re still looking to expand in that area.”

“However, in light of the recent changes in the electronics industry, and after reviewing RadioShack’s plans for taking the company in a new direction, I decided that this was a good time to move on. “Sales had been declining over the past year, and their recent announcement certainly wasn’t very good publicity for any of the existing franchise stores. It definitely affected sales.” He then added, “Of course, we’re certainly going to miss all the customers who have been so loyal to us over the years. They weren’t just customers to us, they became our friends. And not seeing them on a regular basis anymore will be the hardest part of all.”

Christina Myers, his associate store manager for the past 20 years, agreed. “These were my customers too, and I’m really going to miss helping them solve their problems with today’s complicated electronics and all of their related hookup issues,” she said.

Mr. Russo does not plan to leave the area anytime soon. He continues to own and operate the local
Prudential Insurance Agency in Hamlin, which is located right next door to the former Radio Shack
location. He and his business partner of the past four years, Jim Lavelle, specialize in financial
planning, with an emphasis on retirement and estate planning. They offer such products as life
insurance, retirement annuities, mutual funds and other investments, as well as home, auto and
commercial liability insurance. They are both fully licensed to sell insurance and investments in
Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Florida.