WESTFALL - Presenting humor that is different and dance that is like nothing else, the Delaware Valley High School Drama Club will perform Pippin this weekend.
    Drama Teacher Kim Golden called the musical a, “coming of age,” play that is within a play. She explained that Pippin is a young man, who is trying to discover himself. While on his journey, she said Pippin lives an extraordinary life. The dance style is, “Fosse,” which Golden said is a little provocative with a Stephen Schwartz ensemble.
    Last spring, the cast performed Beauty and the Beast, but this year, Golden said she chose Pippin because she wanted to expose the students to an “entirely different style.” Plus, with the large number of trained dancers, it was a chance to introduce Fosse dance, which she called a, “huge musical theater style.”  
    Currently, Pippin is running on Broadway. The music, Golden said is “very funky,” where a traveling group lands in New Orleans where Mardi Gras ties into the show. There are 39 students involved, with a few younger students performing. Even, an exchange student who has some circus training and will be a unicycle rider and juggler in the show.
    A junior, Adam Tidridge will be Pippin. Last year, Tidridge was an, “arrogant brute,” as he was Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Excited, Tidridge said he likes that Pippin is educated and not tough. The music, Tidridge said is beautiful, which is a bonus because he enjoys singing.  
    The leading player in Pippin, MaKayla Edelman is a junior at DV. The leading player, Edelman said is the ring master of the show, who narrates and holds the story together. Last year, Edelman was Belle in Beauty and the Beast and with Pippin, she is doing something like she has never done before. Preparing for this show, Edelman said she had to, “think outside the box an be larger than life.” As the leading player, Edelman said she had to do a lot of exploring. A whole different show, she called Pippin, “fantastic,” with a lot of “magic.”
     A junior, Caitlin Zuckerman will be Catherine. Having seen the show on Broadway, Zuckerman said Pippin is her favorite musical. As Catherine, Zuckerman said she has to put her, “entire soul into this,” because the other characters are “seductive, scary and creepy.” But, then Catherine is, “ditzy and free willing.”
    Pippin's grandmother Berthe will be, senior Kendall Baird. With a laugh, Baird said playing this role is funny because she will be another older person. She explained that in Beauty and the Beast she was Mrs. Potts and so she plays old well. Berthe though, is not like Baird's previous roles. A very comedic character, Baird said she wanted to be Berthe because she sings catchy songs and gets to interact with the audience. As an exciting show, Barid said it will be great that the audience can see, “such charisma on stage.”
    In 1999, Golden also directed Pippin and members of that cast will visit with the present cast. The students, Golden said are very talented as they work hard and although many are involved in other activities, they work tirelessly to present great performances.
    The show will be Friday, April 11 at 7:00, April 12 at 7:00 and April 13 at 2:00. Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door. Visit www.seatyourself.biz/dvhsdc for tickets. See related photo gallery.