Glenn Khoury, Multi-Media Sales Manager at The News Eagle, has announced his resignation effective April 14, 2014. With deep regret his resignation was accepted by our Publisher, and with her, we will profoundly miss Glenn and count all the ways he has contributed to the story of this paper and our company over his 32 years with this Hawley publication.
    We are very happy for Glenn, who at age 52 will have more time to focus on the next chapter in his life. Just as Glenn has new opportunities brought about by this change, so must we look ahead as new opportunities open for The News Eagle and this company.
    Those new opportunities are built on the solid foundation Glenn has secured, in his long tenure here.
Glenn started with The News Eagle as a summer intern for the Dyson family and then worked his way to rise through the ranks having served as a Sales Rep, a Publisher and a Sales Manager throughout his career.
     "I would like to take this time to publicly thank him for his hard work and dedication these years,” said Michelle Hessling, Publisher. “His work ethic and passion for customer service is admirable. Long before the offices open you can bank on the fact that Glenn is more than likely already on the road making sales or collections on his way into work or catching up on emails and proposals long after he puts his children to bed at night. He has always looked for new ways and new products to help grow revenues and has been invaluable to me in my role as Publisher these past almost five years.”
  "Change is always challenging, but it isn't a bad thing," said Michelle. "I have learned that multiple times in my career. I am optimistic that it will present wonderful new opportunities for both Glenn and for us."
     With more than three decades of experience, Glenn has built strong connections with the community  that are invaluable. His reputation and rapport are known far and wide. His hard work and dedication inspires us and will continue to do so.
     As is so often the case, we realize how much we will miss of the "little things" when Glenn isn't here. To name a few that come to mind: The aroma of his fish lunches cooking in the toaster oven, his loud and enthusiastic voice, his pair of buck heads that were above his desk, coming back for his keys, coming back for his keys and coming back for his keys. Yes, we miss you Glenn! We really do, and we wish you the very best.
   Of course we may snatch his keys so he will be sure to return!!