A corpse was recovered from the Lackawaxen River in Hawley, Sunday morning, raising expectations that perhaps the "missing man" case from February was nearing closure.

 A corpse was recovered from the Lackawaxen River in Hawley, Sunday morning, raising expectations that perhaps the "missing man" case from February was nearing closure.
    PA State Police, Honesdale, however, were still investigating the matter as of Monday morning and were not ready to release any findings.
    Knowledge of whether or not the body was that of Richard A. Calvitti, must wait for conclusive test results.
     Calvitti, a 68-year old resident of Hawley Village Apartments, was reported missing Sunday, February 23, 2014. A family member found his car early that morning by the Hawley Senior Center.  Blood and a knife were found inside the car, but there was no blood trail outside the vehicle. A massive search took place that day by multiple agencies, yielding nothing.
    There was a presumption that the man might have ended up in the Lackawaxen River nearby; the Route 6 bridge is a short walk from the Senior Center, as well as a beaten path down the river bank frequented by anglers.
    Nothing, however, was ever proven and his whereabouts remained a matter of speculation by grieving family members and police and rescue personnel. Could he have been picked up by someone and driven away? Was his body in some other remote location? Or did he somehow enter the chilly river? The Lackawaxen at that time was largely frozen over but there was a large open area of water downstream from the Route 6 bridge. The river surface was solid ice past the Church Street (Eddy) Bridge until recently.
    A large group of his family and friends assembled for a second organized search of the area on the weekend following.
     Sunday, April 13, was the second day of Trout Season. Anglers were knee to waist-deep in the Lackawaxen through the daylight hours since Saturday morning.
     A fisherman located the remains along the river bank under about three feet of water, said Tafton Dive Team Captain Richard Groo.
    The location was behind the Paupack Fuel property along the Riverside Park flood plain.
    Emergency rescue agencies were called out at 7:48 a.m.
    Hawley Fire Department. Hawley Ambulance, Pike ALS, Tafton Dive Team, Hawley Police Department, PA State Police and Wayne County Coroner's Office converged at the scene, that bright, sunny Palm Sunday morning.
     Groo said there was general hope among them that this was indeed the subject of the missing person search that began in late February, so that there could be closure for the family.
     He said the actual recovery was relatively quick, but the divers had to wait for the necessary field investigation by the State Police. He said they were on scene about two hours. The body was taken away by the Coroner's Office.

••• Well trained

    Groo stated that the Tafton Dive Team trains for this sort of thing and has a lot of practice. Unfortunately, they have had prior experience conducting recoveries rather than rescues on Lake Wallenpaupack.
    In that vein, Groo asked that the public be reminded that the PA Fish & Boat Commission requires wearing of personal flotation devices (PFDs) aboard any boat under 16 feet in length, through the end of April. This is due to the temperature of the water and risk of hypothermia.
    Last April, dive teams were involved in a recovery of a fisherman that had apparently fallen from a boat and drowned, not wearing a PFD.