Wallenpaupack Area dominates Lackawanna League meet against Scranton

Both the Paupack Gents and Ladies claimed wins on the shores of The Big Lake on Thursday afternoon in a cross-divisional showdown against the Scranton.

While the Knights gave the Buckhorn Boys a run for their money, the Purple & White walked away with an 89-61 win, the girls easily handled the Lady Knights and claimed a 123-27 victory.

Right Track

Chris Irving continued to dominate the 300M hurdles by posting another win for the boys, while Hope Decker, who has also been performing well for the Lady Bucks, crossed the line first in the girls’ event.

Also putting up a good fight was Rachel VanTine who came in third.

Irving was the only Buck in the top three for the 100M hurdles, placing second; Jamiah Bridges-Butler, another strong performer this season, took the top spot while VanTine captured third for the Lady Bucks.

Paupack lads took the number one and two prizes in the 400M with Ricky Smith and Michael Ingulli crossing the line in that order.

Emily Martone and Brianna Denniston came in first and third for the ladies.

While the Knights swept the boys’ 100M dash, Jasmine Stevenson and Gretchen Hiller continued their high showings so far this season by taking first and second, respectively, in the girls 100M.

Dashing right along, the Lady Bucks cleaned up in the 200M run with Stevenson and Hiller taking first and second while Fantasia Keuling bounded into third.

Evans Obeng took the third place honors for the boys’ event.

Of particular significance, Stevenson’s time of :12.17 in the 100M and :25.2 in the 200M set new school records.

The Long Run

Alyssa LaFave, Deirdre Schmidt, and Aleaha Wacker swept the girls 800m run while Anthony Guerrieri, Mat Sein, and Eric Kolvek claimed the top three for the guys.

The Buckhorns cleaned up in the 1600M as well with Wacker, Duncan, and Vosburg taking all the points. Similarly, the girls garnered all honors thanks to LaFave, Svitlana Martynuk, and Olivia Schneider.

The Knights posed no threat to the Bucks in the boys 3200M either as Brian Rose, Robert Segalla, and Cesar Gonzales crossed the line one-two-three.

Likewise, Julia Hessling, Martynuk, and Anne Monte trotted to victory.

Paupack relay teams dominated the day taking two events and leaving the Knights in the dust.

Burning up the 3200M relay were Rose, Kolvek, Sein, and Guerrieri for the boys and Schmidt, Decker, Martone, and LaFave for the girls.

While the Scranton boys took the 400M relay, the Paupack quartet of Bridges-Butler, Hiller, Decker, and Stevenson claimed the prize in the ladies’ event.

Finally, the team of Smith, Sein, Guerrieri, and Irving dropped the hammer on the Knights in the 1600M relay while Stevenson, Schmidt, Martone, and Decker did the same for the ladies.

Throws & Jumps

Anthony Bouselli and Kyle Hartman continued to dominate the boys throwing events.

“Boos” delivered wins in the discus and shot put but had to play second fiddle to Hartman, who won the javelin throw, while Gonzales came in third.

Also tallying high for the Bucks were Shawn Reid with a runner-up in the discus and Dave Wacker claiming the third spot in the shot put.

Lady Bucks Caitlin Gregory and Shannon Vennie snatched up first and second in the discus while Taylor Ruziecki landed her javelin in the #2 spot.

Nicole Pesce and Maddie Johnson banged out first and third in the ladies shot.

Lady Buck jumpers fared well, too.

Bridges-Butler took first in the long jump and second in the triple jump.

Olivia Brodhead landed in third place during the long jump while Shannon Vennie launched her way to the number one spot in the triple jump.

A third place in the triple jump by Madeline Spinelli helped ensure the Paupack sweep.

In spite of their dominance elsewhere, the Bucks were no match for the Scranton long and triple jumpers as only Smith in the long jump finished second.

Molly Jansco took first place while Ruziecki landed in second for Paupack in the high jump. Teammates Vennie and Keuling pole vaulted to a first and second place finish.

The gents did better going over the bar than they did at the pit.

Jackson Murray and Ricky Smith took the top two spots in the pole vault and Kyle McLaughlin and Isaac Decker placed second and third in the high jump.

After Words

Head Coach Mark McHugh was very pleased with the day’s outcome and pointed out that many of the athletes are stepping up.

He cited Stevenson’s two school record breaking runs as the as the highlight of the day, but also pointed out the girls 4x100 relay team was just off the school mark by 0.2 seconds as well.

“We could have had better handoffs, but I think they’ll break that record before the end of the year,” McHugh said.

“Kyle Hartman is also doing well, stepping up in the javelin; Jamiah Bridges-Butler is coming on strong in the hurdles; and Molly Jansco had a five foot high jump. We have a lot of solid performers all around.”