NEWFOUNDLAND - Basketball season is over and cup stacking has begun in physical education classes at Wallenpaupack South Elementary School. A new activity, students have learned how to “speed stack,” or “cup stack.” Aside from doing something different, Physical Education Teacher Ann  Valonis said the stacking requires both sides of the brain along with hand and eye coordination.
    Although the concept of cup stacking may sound simple, there are techniques and stacking the cups upside-down and rotating them with various numbers of cups at a time requires practice. Usually the students start with three and eventually they may work up to 12 cups, where they make different formations with the cups.
    Physical Education Teacher Maria Miller said the purpose of cup stacking is to work both sides of the body and use both hands. Before their stacking talents begin, the students watch a video that shows professional athletes stacking. Miller said in the video the students see how the athletes use the activity to help their hand-eye coordination. When the students first start, Miller said they typically don't use both of their hands, but with time they realize using both hands helps their stacking abilities.