MILFORD - The morning sun was bright and cheery at Grey Towers, April 26, as over 100 runners hurried down the path from the mansion.

MILFORD - The morning sun was bright and cheery at Grey Towers, April 26, as over 100 runners hurried down the path from the mansion.
   This was the second annual Grey Towers Heritage 8K Run/Walk, supporting the several public programs hosted by the Grey Towers Heritage Association.
   Molly Breitbach, who oversees the 8K event, said she was inspired by a similar fund-raiser she saw when she was in college and interned for an historical society. With the hope to open Grey Towers National Historic Site to a wider population, the 8K offers a chance for a different demographic to come and experience it.
    The mansion was open to the participants upon their return, to take a free tour and see a film about the legacy of Gifford Pinchot. He was the first U.S. Forester and twice elected Pennsylvania governor. Pinchot lived in this home, built for his father in 1886. Operated by the U.S. Forest Service since 1963, Grey Towers serves as a center for conservation education and research.
   Getting younger families to the grounds of course helps pass on the legacy of Grey Towers to a new generation.
   That morning, however, the fresh air and exhilarating feeling of running or taking a long walk may have been plenty reason to assemble here and head down the drive. Their route took them through streets of Milford, turning around at Milford Beach. Milford Fire Police assisted at intersections. More than one participant was accompanied by a dog.
  In 2013 they had 96 participants. This year, 107 took part.
  The 8K kicked off at 9 a.m. and trophies were handed out around 11:30 a.m. First place winners are listed by name, age, town and chip time. Find the entire list at the web link below.
Female Open
1 Kendra Rand, 25, Milford. 38:33:7

Male Open
1. Gary Dennis, 44, Milford. 30.52.8

Female 0 & Under
1. Munya Rwakonda, 53, Milford. 51.42.0

Female 1 to 14
1. Jackie Cooper. 10, Blairstown, NJ. 1:02:18.2

Male 1 to 14
1. Ryan Simpson, 14, Milford. 39:29.2
Female 15 to 20
1. Rebecca Smith, 16, Milford. 49:02.3

Male 15 to 20
1. Hunter Karch, 15, Milford. 51:44.0

Female 21 to 29
1. Melissa Lewis, 27, Mercersburg. 43:18.1

Male 21 to 29
1. Michael Repecki, 49, Milford. 51:21.4

Female 30 to 39
1. Krista Schmidt, 31, New York City. 40:18.1

Male 30 to 29
1. Matthew Matson, 30,  Milford. 39:11.1

Female 40 to 49
1. Liz O'Shea, 40, Milford. 41:55.0

Male 40 to 49
1. Brian Krick, 45, Milford. 33:09.4

Female 50 to 59
1. Katherine Farrow, 50, Wayne. 44:11.7

Male 50 to 59
1. Edward Appel, 59, Milford. 35:52.4

Female 60 to 69
1. Constance Nichols, 67, Milford. 1:15.04.6

Male 60 to 69
1. John Monchak, 63, Tafton. 44:36.5

Female 70 & Over
1. Sami Fluck, 72, Milford. 1:07:32.4

Male 70 & Over
1. Robert Biondo, 71, Dingmans Ferry. 49:13.5

  The 8K helps to fund several free programs planned for the summer of  2014 by the Grey Towers Heritage Association. These include:
• Ice Cream Social, July 4.
• Screen on the Green, Family Outdoor Film Screening, July 19.
• The 10th annual Festival of the Woods, August 2- 3.
• Community Appreciation Day & National Public Lands Day, September 27.
   Numerous other events are planned at Grey Towers. The regular, daily tour season resumes May 24. For more information on Grey Towers National Historic Site visit and; email or call 570-296-9630.

Grey Towers 8K Run/Walk winners are posted at: