NEWFOUNDLAND - Tales about princesses and stories of pigs were shared with children from Wallenpaupack South Elementary School last week as part of a fun, interactive literacy night.
    Dressed in an array of costumes displaying favorite characters from classic tales and present hits, several students arrived in garb of their choice, where they interacted with their friends and listened to stories.
    Although not a new event, Jill Fontano from the Parent Teacher Association revitalized the evening. A mother of two, Fontano said reading is essential because it transfers into other subjects. The evening, was an opportunity to encourage students to read and be excited about what can come from a book. The event was special she said, because with teachers acting out the tales and incorporating the students into points of the stories, it made books more interesting and fun. This year, Fontano added a guessing game for the students that many seemed to enjoy, as they saw baby pictures of their teachers. The student that matched the most baby pictures with the teachers received a book and breakfast with the teacher of their choice.
    Probably the largest new twist to the evening, and one that received the most laughs was the inclusion of teachers dressing in costumes and dancing to, “What does the fox say?” As a door prize, one student received a copy of “What does the fox say?” that was signed by teachers in the school. Aside from a number of teachers that danced, Principal Mark Kirsten was the fox. Fontano called Kirsten a, “really good sport.”
     Fontano said the teachers really helped bring the evening together by helping to publicize the event to other parents by sending home notes with the children. A mother of two,  Fontano said her children love books and her hope from the evening was that other children would learn to love books too.
    Every student in the school presented a piece of their imaginations, when they added a sentence to a tale that every student helped write. A round robin writing activity, the students were taped reciting their sentence, which was then played during the literacy night.