To the Editor:
   Do you recall a few years ago Pike County was recognized in the news in a program called "The Fleecing of America" reporting a rest room constructed at Raymondskill Falls in Dingman Township??
  That embarrassment, constructed of "native blue stone" (from Idaho)  cost the tax payers over $750,000.00.....YES... $750,000. Talk about flushing our $$$.
    Get ready to be "Fleeced once again" by our own commissioners. They are attempting  to spend MILLIONS of OUR TAX DOLLARS on a court house that is too large, too costly, too pretentious and completely wasteful.
     Eighteen bathrooms?   Are they kidding? Ten or more "Holding cells"? For what?? You would think we were in the middle of Chicago and had to worry about gang warfare.I just heard they don't have the drug dogs any longer because they were too costly to keep and yet they want to have a bomb squad. ARE THEY KIDDING?

    Please speak out and let the commissioners know that we will not stand by and permit them to spend our hard earned tax dollars foolishly. ( We do that well enough ourselves!!) Let them know that smaller is better. Ask them to stop wasteful spending.


Denise DeGraw - Fey
Real Estate Broker