LAKE REGION - On Thursday, May 8th the Patriot Connectors will have their monthly Forum to discuss topics of interest on county, state and federal issues. This month, the guest speaker, Tom Shepstone, will discuss climate change and global warming.

The “Connectors” meet every second Thursday of the month, all year long, at the Wallenpaupack High School Library from 7 to 9 p.m. The school is located on US Route 6, two miles east of Hawley.

Mr. Tom Shepstone the owner of the Shepstone Management Company of Honesdale will be the guest speaker for the May 8th meeting. He is a consultant and researcher specialist in economic and land use planning. He helped develop the Corridor Management Plan for the Upper Delaware Byway Program. Tom is also very involved and knowledgeable in the sound development of natural gas in NE PA and SE NY.

Mr. Shepstone will be speaking on the Global Warming/Climate Change problem and believes citizens should carefully study this issue, think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

"There has been much hype, conflicting statistical data, and false information presented to the public by the US government and the UN. Scientists from both sides of the debate have put forth their data but it is has been hard for the general public to sift through this information and come to their own conclusions," said Patriot Connector leaders. "The government and the media have pushed forth their own agenda in support of their arguments on Global Warming without conclusive and irrefutable evidence. Many reputable and respected world scientists do not agree with the government’s position and have had their stance ridiculed by both the Administration and the Media."

The “Connectors” are very interested in learning and living by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This informal and free meeting is a way that citizens can express their concerns, ideas, and objections about the way the government is conducted.