Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards reported last Friday that seven persons in Wayne County were arrested and charged with allegedly selling and distributing heroin.
     Drug task forces in Wayne County and Pike County have worked diligently to clean our streets, or homes, our back alleys of this scourge and stain on our population. In recent months, law enforcement agencies in both counties have announced round-ups of drug dealers. This is very good news.
    We should be thankful for the local efforts being taken to stop the distribution of heroin and other illegal drugs. Police agencies are working together. We all need to work together, and report any suspicious activity to our local police.
    Yet it seems like a sieve. Drugs flow through our local counties. They travel on the interstate heading back and forth between the Lackawanna Valley and greater New York City area. Between these points, a local market has unfortunately been found.
      Society seems out of control. We hear of legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and other places. Some will cry that marijuana is no match for heroin. Yet what are we doing as a society? We work furiously to stop the criminals, tell our kids to say no to drugs and get help for the addict. Then on other hand, society relaxes a bit and they legally sell candy and cookies laced with weed where recreational pot has been blessed with approval. They say parents will be responsible and not let the kiddies have any of this new high in "junk food." Are they kidding us?
    It's a never ending battle.
    Society, however, is not completely lost, not yet anyway. There are still many with the decency to know the difference, to hold up a higher standard, exhibit a good role model and be consistent in our example and enforcement of what's right.
    For those hooked on drugs, there is help available in Pike and Wayne counties.
    Here are two sources of help:
• Wayne County Drug & Alcohol Commission (570)253-6022
• Catholic Social Services of Pike County (570))296-1054